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What is Geomantics ?

Note: There are 2 parts to this page.
     Part I  -  My notes from my conversation with Alan Reed at his home on October 13th, 2001.
     Part II -  Alan Reed's explanation of Geomantics, what it is, where it comes from,
                    why it's important, how to recognize it, how to use it.

  Alan uses dowsing to determine where the problem areas lie, and, where to determine placement.


Alan works with energetically rebalancing the land, and, he remineralizes the soil through minerals which he imports from all over the planet and mixes them as the need arises.  Gary Skillen, who also teaches about dowsing earth energies told us: "Alan Reed knows more about rocks than probably anyone else on the planet",   He said Alan can be flying over an area and know what rocks are there beneath.  He feels it.

These are my notes from one conversation with Alan.  I might not explain things exactly as he would have explained them.  Hope that in trying to give you an idea of what he is trying to impart to us, I don't do too much damage to the truth.
Alan explains to me that rocks are evolving.  A million years for rocks is like a week for us.  And, we have evolved from the rocks.   Our bodies want to --- yearn to --- hear the earth.

Rocks are the source of the energy for the earth, in combination with the sun.  As part of this cycle of building up the essentials of life, lichens live on the rocks.  However, until the energy of the area of the rocks is built up, the lichens don't land.  Lichens wear the rocks down, this creates the soil which in turn gives birth to the plant kingdom.

Fertilizers contain a lot of salt.  Not only do these salts wash in to our sewer systems and in to our water supply but they also dry out our mucosa.

Alan has a tree he showed me that has a lot of resin coming out.  The Resin is the blood of the tree.  It is medicine and was used by natives.  It is also useful as a vermifuge.  This tree is oozing resin which is a very good sign as it shows how healthy this tree is.

Trees are indicative of our energies.   I visited Alan in mid-October when foilage had started and most of his neighborhood was yellow and orange.  Alan's leafy trees were still dark green.   His trees have a slow release fall.  He said that the longer the tree stays green, the longer pollution is being eaten.   These trees have more leaves and all this means more pollution is being eaten.  It is also contributing to more biomass for the planet.  More energy is being made, and, more energy is being returned.  Also, the ground on his property is warmer.

It is the biomass that holds the planet together.
We've disrupted the flow.
We can change this.

If you plant stones on certain locations on the earth, this increases the energy field!!!!!
Stonehenge is an excellent example of this.
It builds up the Chi.   A wave, that is called Congruence, is created.

We send to, and receive energy from, the heavens.  The Sun is Magnetic.    We send and receive energy from the heavens.  Alan builds cairns where target waves create energy waves both vertically and horizontally.

Alan has built a cairn on his property.  Of stones, of course.  (His cairn is about 3 foot high.)   This is one of the things he does a lot of.   The cairn on his property has an effect that is much greater than energizing just his property.

Oxygen is a living element.  It needs to be created.  The stones help with this.

When we use all the chemicals that have been used on the land, our biological clocks get shorted out.  Our rhythms --- especially the circadian rhythms are off.   The reproductive clocks of both men and women are disrupted, and, so, this cuts us off from the pulse of the earth.

Salts have a higher vibration rate, so, the heavy use of salts causes us to vibrate faster than we ought to.  While our vibrations increase, we are losing the magnetism which holds us in this space.  This imbalance leads to an increase in  neuroses.    Also, the time of a woman's menses is set when she is born.  Naturally, it is always at the same time of the moon's month.  If a woman is menstruating properly it will always be under the same moon.

Rocks need to be on the earth.  They need to be at certain places.   All the areas that have drought could find some relief if they had the proper placement of rocks.  Rocks sweat at night.  This builds up a natural condensation.  This helps to relieve drought stress.  What farmers have been doing for years is clearing out their fields and removing all the rocks!
The air on Alan's property is fresher.  You do not smell pollution.  Most homes shelter us.  They do not nourish us.  Alan's home is nourishing, nurturing.  He creates quiet spaces where you can think, where you can be.   With everything he has done for his land, with the health and aliveness and proper physical and energetic nourishment, and, with the placement of rocks to create a most benefical atmosphere --- I felt as if I was in a temple in the tropics.   Balanced.  Calm.  Peaceful.   At One.    In October.  In busy Toronto.  An Oasis.

Alan's work mostly deals with the area below the lot.  It is foundational.  He deals with the harmonics then with the placement.  He is doing earth acupuncture.   One of the ways he does this is by placing "smart materials" in transducers or condensers where there is an area of disturbance to properly rebalance the energy.   They store, insulate and transmit energy.

I mentioned Walter's Platonic Solids to Alan.  Alan said that they are in the earth.  In Nature, geometrics are involved.  They manifest the forms.  When the proper geometrics are missing, the right things don't show up, and, certain elements are missing.

To balance the harmonics, Alan uses dowsing to determine areas of disturbance and then to pinpoint areas for placement.  The transducers and condensers that he uses are made of smart materials where they insulate, store and transmit the proper energies.

Alan spoke a lot about what things are wrong, and why.   But he also said "We can clean up the earth."   It's about getting back to our sources, back to our roots.  Education and appreciation and a commitment to doing the right thing for the right reason.

Alan offered the suggestion that we do a workshop on his property, about 2 hours North of Toronto.  There is a cave there with excellent energies.  Let me know if you are interested.


Geomantics is the applied science of Geomancy (study of earth energies) combined with Ecomancy
(study of ecology). Geomantics is a unified code of science based on geometry within the mineral kingdom and ecological observation. Geomantics includes a method of balancing an area's subtle natural energy by attuning to Earth's natural patterns of psychic & geological contours. Incorporating mineralization, we establish equilibrium by selecting placements for large stones, cairns or pre-cast sculptures. Geomantic placement augments Earth's fertility while enhancing our overall health and quality of life. Our services assist in regulating vital chi and magnetic energies which induce comfort or nourishment within a specific environment.

Where do these energies come from ?

Natural geopathic disturbances are changes in Earth's magnetic or ambient fields. Sources of these disturbances are subterranean water veins, geological faults, oil or gas, mineral deposits, and certain parts of the planet's network of geomagnetic grids. While all of these phenomena may either enhance or disrupt Earth's field, their effect is sensed from ground level to a considerable altitude. The seasonal procession of the Sun & Moon phases, planets, solstices & equinoxes, all contribute to energy fluctuations. These in turn influence water, migratory patterns in birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, shellfish, bacteria, fungi and even humans !

Man-made sources may also introduce disruptive energies into our environment. Immense electromagnetic wave disturbances emanate from high-voltage power lines, TV sets, computer terminals, microwave ovens, electric blankets and heated waterbeds. While these pulsations are a phenomena of recent discovery, current research indicates future trends toward living in a naturally resonating habitat.

How do we know that these disturbances are present ?

To pinpoint problem areas in any given environment, we often use dowsing. Dowsing has been used for thousands of years to locate water sources, oil/gas or assay mineral deposits. Dowsing is a method that intuitively "taps" into changes in Earth's magnetic field. Earth's natural field vibrates and effects all forms of life located within a zone of harmony or disturbance. Certain mineral elements give off vibratory emanations and magnetic signals which are detectable with sensitive equipment. These vibrations are specifically shown with modern medical or geological scanning and spectography.

In it's youth, as the German empire expanded, Germany had an entourage of sensitive dowsers' who mapped ore bodies in many countries. Old churches, sacred sites and temples were intentionally built on areas of high natural disturbance. Architecture of that era incorporated sacred geometry into all construction. Builders of those times relied on a dowsers' abilities to reveal with consistent accuracy these "power spots". While these are some clues as to their existence, a more precise method of detecting geopathic disturbances is needed for Geomantic sculpturing. Simple tools are used which give visual indications of what the diviners sensitivities have uncovered. Our technologists' sensitivity and training enables us to precisely detect sources of these energies.

You may have noticed these signs of natural geopathic fluctuations:

Certain rooms in a house or office don't 'feel right' or are rarely used. Some rooms may be cooler or warmer for no apparent reason, even when in no proximity to vents or windows

Children sleeping over these zones have disrupted sleep and may sleepwalk, climb into the parents bed or curl up to avoid them as they sleep; animals are extremely sensitive to this phenomena.

Trees that grow bent and twisted in an attempt to distance themselves from these forces may develop strange-looking growths on affected areas.

Traffic jams and accidents occurring at certain points along a road, regardless of visibility, weather, or time of day.

Constant turnover of tenants in retail or residential space

How does this affect life ?

Living things give off subtle, detectable, biomagnetic fields. Geopathic stress is an involuntary condition arising in all life forms as a reaction to disturbances in our biomagnetic fields. Every moment of every day we are exposed to a multitude of unseen natural or man-made energies. When exposure to geopathic disturbances of high gradients is constant, our health and well-being may be profoundly affected.

All life on this Earth lives within this planet's magnetic field and is therefore affected by any changes or disturbances to this field. Humans evolve with nature and need nourishing environments. Many modern structures restrict & insulate these beneficial harmonic frequencies from entering that space. Wavelengths of disruptive tendencies often saturate the inside of modern structures. Many of these wavelengths are not part of natures natural pulse and may affect normal cellular activity.

NASA discovered early in their space program a necessity of Earth harmonics in space capsules for maintaining cellular communication and bone density. Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation pollute natural ionic potential, often in the form of excessive positive ionization. This situation may induce allergies, breathing disorders, itchy eyes, headaches, depression and anxiety. Negative ionization is beneficial and necessary for all of life's processes. We experience negative ionization near the sea, cascading waterfalls, in glades, walking through forests or around mountainous regions.

Your vitality is compromised when your home, bed, workplace or desk are positioned over a zone riddled with geopathic or electromagnetic disturbance. Aligning these frequencies with Geomantic sculpturing strengthens your resistance to many ailments and diseases which have been linked to geopathic stress by medical research.

Through using sophisticated instruments, modern science is rediscovering that which many cultures have known intuitively for thousands of years - Earth is alive. While European culture is rich with historical examples of geomancy with myths of calming telluric forces through slaying of Dragons and Serpents, in the east there are Tiger & Dragon stories. Dowsing, as an ancient art, was incorporated into many facets of our ancient communities and deserves reintroduction into our world.

All right, I'm interested. How can Geomantics help us ? Once anomalies are detected and identified there are two ways of dealing with them.

One may try to avoid them, by rearranging furniture in order to spend as little time as possible over areas of disturbance. However, since disruptive energies are still there, and when many disturbances exist, your home or office may become an obstacle course for a sensitive person.

Or, let us align them by using our unique methods. We work with these forces in a way that may be described as "earth acupuncture". We use selective naturally charged elements pinpointed on areas of disturbance to rebalance energy in an area. Our crystal transducers create a beneficial change when specifically located within your environment. These changes increase harmonic resonance in a form of beneficial gradients of 7 to 8 hertz; the same as we experience in ideal situations of natural surroundings we enjoy!

What are the benefits of Geomantics ?

Our clients report a wide range of benefits by living and working in aligned environments. Many businesses, individuals, as well as whole households have undergone major transformations after erratic and disruptive energies within their environments were modulated.

Geomantic sculpturing technology includes strategically placing quartz condensers and mineral transducers wherever there are disturbances in Earth's ambient field. This process reestablishes an equilibrium of natural harmonic frequencies. Balanced frequencies encourage all life to ebb & flow.

In a workplace:

In a home:

On open land:

There's more.

Geomantic energy sculpturing is a subtle while profound method of optimizing beneficial chi from which all lifeforms draw. This technology is rooted in ecological observation combined with the dynamics of Natural law and historical facts of ancient Geomancy.

Our decorative and functional stone or pre-cast sculptures placed on Earth meridians, magnetic lines or water veins. We offer a complete product line includes natural landscaping mineral blends, plus minerals for addition into any paint or concrete medium.

Adding Northern Lights into any paint medium reduces volatile compounds and has a deodorizing effect. Utilizing extremely fine crystalline powders introduces photons for energy in or around a space or object painted. Our line of electronic devices create essential ionization and beneficial ozone. Incorporating Northern Lights paint additive and fresh air machines address natural photon deprivation and poor air quality common in Northern countries and many buildings.

Select geological deposits have unique properties; piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity, paramagnetism and crystalline symmetry. These properties contribute to ambient environments teeming with freshness & biological life both seen and hidden from view. Applying remineralization in a variety of unique applications, we nourish and sustain creation, while averting the natural process of extreme weather fluctuations or geological calamity.

Our recommended installation of selective trees, plants and placement of stones, enhance an areas natural harmonics and air quality. As background ionization & magnestism increases photon activity, a full spectrum light phenomena occurs, and all lifeforms benefit. Creating vital forests, parks, farms, and greenspaces, is Geomantics contribution to life & healthy partnerships with Nature.

Geomantic services and expertise have satisfied customers in commercial, residential and agricultural sectors since 1987. To request more information or a consultation call Alan Reed (416) 266-4333

Peace Cairn,

September 11, 2001 a grave atrocity against mankind took place with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. This incident brought about the birth of the Peace Cairn, an active movement towards peace. Placement of a Peace Cairn symbolizes the laying down of weapons by taking stones ( primitive weapons) and turning them into building blocks towards a better future. This initiative implores us to make a pro-active statement which is a visible and constant reminder of peoples desire for peace everywhere.

A Peace Cairn is intended to satisfy two distinct, parallel functions. The intention is to facilitate people who wish to make a personal statement. Whenever there is a unusual loss of life we are accustomed to the sight of people placing flowers on the spot where the situation took place. This often forms a significant mound. The image is potent although transient; hence the second function.

A Peace Cairn remains on the site of placement in a permanent state of change. In its permanence it reminds the onlooker to think of peace and consider what they may do to further bring peace about. In a constant state of organic change, a Peace Cairn is a reminder that 'peace' is more than something that comes about and remains so forever. This first step is an ongoing commitment and continuing effort for peace.

The activity symbolizes many things on many levels. On one level, a Peace Cairn, represents the laying down of weapons ( stones ) & a burial place for enmity and violence. This will simultaneously be a memorial to those lost to violence and its atrocities, and an inspiration towards peace in our future. Peace Cairns represent an organic thing - growing in time with the enthusiasm of the public and an individuals choice towards peace.

Amongst the stones,

Alan Reed

Alan learned dowsing as a child from Campbell Lyon, a British Secret Service officer who found German subs through dowsing.  He was  involved in geology from a prospecting viewpoint for 20 years which gave him a greater awareness of the mineral kingdom and he sees that these natural phenomena are now being used in technolgy.

An experienced and respected Geomancer, Alan balances earth energies (Earth Acupuncture) and he also knows minerals so he has minerals available that re-mineralize the soil.  He gets them from all over the planet.  He has balanced the home of the Bronfman's in Montreal, the Schads, the Molson's family summer home, doctors clinics, etc.  He has a paint additive that is sold through Northern Lights and is currently in demand by hi tech companies who are beginning to understand the importance of  energetically beneficial working environments.

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