The  Toronto Dowsers
welcomes you to our next meeting
Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
(see the end of this newsletter for details and description)
7:00 - 10:00 PM

The Timothy Eaton Memorial Church
230 St. Clair Avenue WEST
in the: ***  WEST ASSEMBLY HALL  **
 1 light West of Avenue Road - or -
2 lights East of Spadina
There is a PARKING LOT! on the WEST side of the building
 THIS room is DOWNSTAIRS, on the WEST side of the building
This is a short streetcar ride (#312) from either the St. Clair or St. Clair West TTC stations.
Please do not wear Scents of any sort to our meeting.  Dowsers are highly sensitive people.

We do open our meetings to those who are interested in learning how to dowse, or becoming a better dowser.   You do not need to be a member to attend.  Your dowsing will improve merely by attending our meetings.  Dowsing is a form of energy. This kind of energy is caught, not taught.
Requested donation (to cover costs):
          $7 per meeting for Toronto Dowsers members
          $9 per meeting for non members of the Toronto Dowsers
          $20 per year for membership in the Toronto Dowsers
If you can not afford this donation, please make arrangements with us before the meeting.
Do come and have fun,  grow with us and enjoy the energy.
Questions?  Contact:   Marilyn Gang   (416) 322 - 0363  (9:33-9:33)
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Ask the Expert a Question
Do you have a question you would like to ask a Well Known Dowser?
More dowsers, in Canada, the US, England and perhaps other places know about us.  For the last 2 years I've been networking with dowsers all over the place and we are acquiring a reputation as a growing, active, energetic, interested group.  Only recently, Joey Korn and Alan Handelsman told me how pleased they are with the level of awareness we have in our group.

You may have a question you would like to ask one of the dowsing experts, for example --- an author of a book or one of the workshop leaders or a speaker at a dowsing conference.  It would be good for the group if we could get these questions asked, and, have the answers printed in our newsletter.   I could probably get a question to, and an answer from, most of the dowsing experts out there.

Send me the question you have for an expert dowser AND who you would like to ask it of.  Please email it to me, or send it by Canada Post (no fax machine).  I'll print 1-3 of them per issue as soon as we get this pipeline established.  If you have a question on this, do ask.  Thanks to Ann Fowle for the inspiration for this idea.  Ann had a question on Joey Korn's work after reading the notes from his presentation in the November newsletter.

Our Monthly Meeting:  November 13th

"Welcome to the 22nd meeting of the Toronto Dowsers!  Toronto Dowsers are like minded people who gather together because we are interested in becoming better dowsers. Many people here are among that 5% of dowsers who are on the cutting edge, focusing on energy dowsing and raising consciousness. This kind of energy is caught, not taught."

*            *            *            *            *
At the beginning of our March and April 2002 meetings, Puck offered a prayer and did a clearing for us.  It certainly cleared the energies. Since that time, several of you have requested that we have prayers and/or clearings at the beginning of the meeting because you appreciate the noticeable change in energy.

1992 I started with the "I AM" work.  This comes from St. Germain (of the Violet Flame).  St. Germain is/was an Ascended Master.  You can begin reading about this, starting with Godfre Ray King's "Unveiled Mysteries", then "The Magic Presence", both of which are available in the Toronto Library, and through those books, find out about the rest of the books and this work. And the decrees, their purpose and power.

The part that had the most impact for me and for many others, is the recitation of "Decrees", which can be compared to affirmations.  I am personally not fond of affirmations as I have never found them as powerful.  Again, personally speaking, decrees seem to have a lot more Oomph and power, go straight to the heart of things to help you Manifest Manifest Manifest.  Real quick.

In the 6 I AM books I have read I found one decree which is tremendously powerful as it clears away limiting, discordant energies and brings a tremendous sense of power.  I took this decree and wrote it over a picture of the Violet Flame, laminated it, have it taped to my bathroom mirror and say it --- when I am motivated to do so --- 3 times, as I am getting out of the morning shower.   This is super charged rocket fuel.  At a spiritual retreat I worked at, we workers said decrees together every morning for 20 minutes.  There are decrees for every situation.  (The original will be available for you to take home at the January 2003 meeting.)

... On a more personal note:  One of the "funny" things about introducing this --- I was hesitant about doing this because I thought you would think it weirder than the usual and this decree means a lot to me.  It felt good that it was so readily appreciated.  6 people called me up since the meeting to comment on the profound energetic shift you felt during and after this decree.  Thank you.

This decree was read out as a start to our meeting.  We had a changed room.  Here it is.  Say it out loud.  THREE times.  With  Vigor! Passion!  and  Determination!.   Please let me know what you think about it.

Sweep Out of Me . . .
   Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,
   Sweep out of me
   every limiting, discordant thing.
   Consume it in the Violet Consuming Flame
   this instant!
   And set me free
   in the clear comprehension and feeling
   of my own Mighty I AM Presence
   as the only activity
   within my human form or world.

   I AM that Violet Consuming Flame
   which is all mastery and all power
   to change all things
   into perfection everywhere forever.

   in action here. 

   Now and Forever.


It appears that a being directly over a Geopathic Anomaly can negate energetic healings.  Even Psychological Acupuncture (EFT) has been found not to work when one is in a certain location, but does work when they move to a different one.  If there is geopathic disturbance present, then one might try moving their instruments/devices to another location prior to giving up on them.
Dinner with Alan Handelsman
Alan Handelsman, from Arizona, is one of the speakers at ASD.  We have 1 or 2 of his tapes in our library.  He speaks on:  "Work Less, Achieve More: Getting Out of Your Own Way".   Alan was in Toronto this month, presenting at the Energy Psychology Conference, held in Markham.   We contacted Alan and he and his wife Anita were the guests of 15 of us at dinner at a Chinese Buffet on November 8th. [This was planned a few days before Alan came to Toronto and not in time for the last newsletter.  Those who are on email were notified.]

ALAN HANDELSMAN - Arizona - Alan has been a certified One-Brain facilitator since 1994. Since 1992 he has taken over 600 hours of energy training, including classes with Dr. Roger Callahan (TFTdx), Gary Craig EFT, Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside. He is trained (M.M.) and still performs as a musician, and began learning about energy work as a way to help himself with stage fright and depression. He now helps musicians and others with performance and personal issues, as well as giving workshops and demonstrations worldwide. His Resonance Tuner is now being used in at least 45 of the United States and 11 other countries. Most importantly, he tells great jokes at parties. "Work Less, Achieve More: Getting Out of Your Own Way" - When dowsing, and in life, you achieve more when you are not fighting yourself or trying too hard.  When you are in harmony with yourself and the people and things around you, dowsing becomes effortless.  He teaches you several ways to harmonize yourself with your own thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, other people, and even your dowsing tools.

The previous evening, several of us attended his session at the Conference.  A Resonance Tuner was included in the admission!  What are they, you might ask?  It's in the form of a card, like a credit card, and like most energy balancing, it balances energies.  You hold the card near the person or object to be balanced, with intention, and, it happens.  Alan showed us how he does this with golf balls and golfers improve their game.  He showed us how he was able to improve one woman's attitudes towards money.  Other benefits may be increased calm, relaxation, alertness, concentration, ease and harmony with computers and other electronics, and the ability to enter into more profound altered states of mind such as contemplation, meditation, hypnosis, and introspection.

At dinner, a flute player brought her flute.  She played a short tune, then Alan tuned her flute with his Resonance Tuner and she played again.  It sounded totally different.  Fuller, more resonant.  We are looking forward to seeing Alan next year when he returns to Toronto.

The Egely Wheel
Since our inception, the Huszczo family has been exceptionally kind and generous to us, among other things, hosting our first 2 Summer Field Days.   We are appreciative, however there are times one wants to also show one's appreciation in a material way.  They have everything money can buy that is important, except, hee hee --- a certain neat "toy".

Walter is a highly intelligent man with an active curious mind.  He appreciates the powers of the mind. So we found and bought an "Egely Wheel" for him. What's an " Egely Wheel "?

"  The Egely Wheel Vitality Meter is probably the world's most playful serious tool for improving your everyday energy level. You can use this small, handy instrument just for fun or to obtain objective measurements of your own life energy. Without even touching it, you can measure for yourself how your personal environment, your activities and your lifestyle influence your day to day vitality level. "  The measured value is called VQ (Vitality Quotient). This is a comparison value which shows how our actual bioenergy, or vitality level is in comparison with the average.

It helps you check, measure and increase your vitality level, functioning as a biofeedback device.  As an added bonus for us, by using this, it can help you increase the power and strength of your mind. It can help you to learn to use your mind for telekinesis-like activities.

After trying it for a few minutes you will notice that by using your willpower and being in a different state of mind you can influence the speed of the rotating wheel.  Because .... The brain makes things move.

Although the basic of the phenomenon are not yet fully understood, experiments have proven that the rotation of the wheel is not caused by heat, convection, or electromagnetic energy.

The inventor and designer is Dr. George Egely, who has been commended by the President of Hungary.  Dr. Egely is a trained scientist who was employed for many years by the Atomic Energy Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is an expert in the field of energy transport processes.

The Egely wheel comes in an attractive wooden box and has a nicely written booklet that even has a few pages on Dowsing! It has a wheel that spins.  It has colored flashing LEDs.  It makes neat sounds.

This device can help you strengthen your mind, improve your vitality, your dowsing.

WALTER! Cover your eyes!  Please don't read this paragraph!  If you would like to purchase one, you will find this everywhere selling for $159.95 US.  I found one place that can sell it for $139.95 (+$10 S&H).  If you do buy one, could you please mention my name.  If around 14 people do so I think I can get one for free.  Contact:

 Creative Alternatives:   Palmdale, Florida  (863) 675-7923

CONGRATULATIONS TO JANNETTE AND WALTER --- On becoming grandparents for the ELEVENTH!!! Time!

Our Nov. 13th Speaker:  Dr. Sabina DeVita:   Electromagnetic Pollution
Dr. Sabina DeVita gave us a positively riveting presentation on ElectroMagnetic Pollution, the causes, effects and several solutions.

Dr. DeVita is also the author of the book "ElectroMagnetic Pollution".

She started off by describing the  GDV  (Gas Discharge Visualization) system that she uses at her clinic in Brampton. Created by Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, the GDV is a Kirlian video system that permits sophisticated non intrusive non invasive real time diagnostics on all levels: Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.  The operator of the system can see what is going on in the levels --- as it is happening --- and all the client has to do is to put one's fingers on a special surface.  A "BEOGRAM" (a 'picture' summarizing visually the distribution of energy in different body organs or systems) -- the auric fields --- is produced and analyzed.

Sabina is the only one using this system in the GTA, she trains health professionals on its use and she sponsors Dr. Korotkov's visits to Canada.  Several of us saw him and his demonstration of his system a year ago.  He is expected to return in April.  Using this device, she started to notice key patterns in everything.   [More on this and my experiences with the GDV later.]

Sabina is more than a leader in her field --- she has created the field.  The topic of her doctoral thesis is Cerebral Allergies and Environmental Sensitivities.  She sees that more and more people are becoming electrically magnetic sensitive.

(        )(            )(           )(            )(            )(            )(       )
Sabina found that more studies exist showing the adverse effects of EMFs than there are studies showing risks for cancer by smokers.  However, the consumer is aware of very few of these studies as they are not released.  What is the #1 Pollutant?   EMFs.   They are invisible.  They are silent.  They are ubiquitous.

EMFs have the most profound effects on the human organism.  On the brain.  We are energetic, we do produce an energy field.

EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Fields) are produced by all the electromagnetic wiring and switches, lights, appliances, hair dryers, electric shavers, electric blankets, water-beds, refrigerators, radios, televisions, microwave ovens, cellular telephones, electric ovens, drills and other construction equipment, vacuum cleaners, satellite relay stations, airplane travel, computers, fax machines and all the 25,000 volt ballasts used in Fluorescent lighting.

Cell Phones produce EMFs.  They are more toxic and more carcinogenic than tobacco.  In Japan legislation is being introduce to ban their use in restaurants.

Cell phones can create microwave like effects on the human body when used in a train or an elevator.  In these instances, you are in a metal box.  The microwaves bounce off, in around and through the train.  You are just like food being cooked in a microwave oven.  You are bombarded.  This happens when the phone is off.  However it is worse when the phone is on because the antenna makes a connection with the relay station.

Cell phones interfere with pacemakers
They destroy DNA, breaking it down in to single strands
They alter the blood
There is an increase in tumors, brain cancer
They cause a breakdown of the blood brain barrier
Health effects are induced by as little as 2 minutes a day on the cell phone
There are increased negative effects in the tissues of the eyes, sockets, tongue, facial muscles

Clock radios should be at least 2-3 feet away from your head .

Electric Shavers:  Men who use them on a regular basis have 2-3 times the rate of cancer than men who do not use them.

There are 200,000,000 times more EMF fields out there today than what our ancestors were exposed to.  This is WAY more than our circuits can handle.

Then, in the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum (Every EM having both an Electrical and a Magnetic component) "above" the frequency of visible light, there is: Ionizing Radiation from 'rays' such as X rays, Gamma rays, cosmic rays, etc.  What they do is they tear cells apart.  They are capable of breaking chemical and molecular bonds and ripping atoms apart.  This produces free radicals, which damage cells leading to infections, diseases and hastening the aging process. Exposure of the free radicals to the ionization produces even more free radicals.

This can also alter DNA and the protein structure, causing mutations and the body doesn't know how to handle it, and tries to destroy it.  The protective level of fat in cell membranes is damaged, calcium levels become upset, etc.

Visible light has a frequency of:    100,000,000,000,000    oscillations per second.
Gamma rays have a frequency of:  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 oscillations per second.

All our essential bodily functions are electrical in nature.
Non ionizing radiation, lower than the spectrum of visible light agitates atoms, where the functioning of the brain, immune system, glands, digestion and fertility can be thrown out of balance.

Studies have shown high depression and suicide rates by people who live near power lines.

The Swedish government is the first country which has put forth standards.

When you drive by an electrical tower you pick up magnetic fields.
Towers bombard you with 100 megagauss.  A safe level is 1 milligauss!

Microwaves:  For microwave safety regulations, the FDA allows a very low leakage rate.  However:  this is set for the oven --- when it is in the store --- and brand new!   Maintenance of this is up to you.  No consideration is made for age, use, degradation, etc.

Microwaves have been proven to change nutrients.  This is proven by changes in blood chemistry.  There is a decrease in blood hemoglobin and lymphocytes.  There is an increase in leukocytes, cholesterol and the acidity of milk.  Even vegetables have an increase in cholesterol!   The protein molecule changes.

Serotonin, dopamine levels go down.  This leads to depression.

Continuously eating microwaved food causes long term permanent brain damage, lowers/alters hormone production in both sexes, immune system deficiencies, loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability and a decrease in intelligence.

Microwaves are increasing the heat on this planet more than anything else.
There is a tremendous problem with trees dying.  Microwaves are the biggest cause of deforestation.  Microwave activity "fries" the trees.  They are not grounded and water does not reach the tops of the trees.  Nutrition does not reach the crown.  They dry out.

Many people keep their supplements above the microwave!   When they do this, and take the supplements, then they are worse off than before.  [Robert Azzopardi also spoke to us about this in September.]

People think it is better to be further away from a relay station.  Just the opposite.  The further away you are from a relay station, the stronger the pulsation.

Children:  Much of the radiation from antennae can penetrate up to 2 inches in to the brain.  50% more radiation is absorbed by children under 10 than in adults because their brain cases are thinner.

Television itself also alters the limbic portion of the brain.  In addition to exposure, subliminal messages are continuously being sent.

She is also seeing a lot more heart issues, especially in younger people.

Look at kids, with their walkmans, cell phones and computers ---imagine how the young people are being bombarded, their cellular structures are changing, their DNA is changing, and in ways that are not beneficial.

There is a 50% rise in Parkinson's disease in people under 50.  It is considered that this is related to increased EMFs.

Japan is experiencing major problems in Autism.  And, since 1996 there have been marked changes in their youth.  There is a cultural breakdown as young people are increasingly anti social and do not participate in society.  They are less interested in remaining part of the intrinsic family units, and, violence has experienced a sharp increase.

Lloyds of London refuses to underwrite claims due to microwave radiation

Hair stylists have 2-3X more uterine cancer
Police officers have increased risks of prostate cancer (radar guns)

A lot of research on adverse effects is not available.  Many of the prominent researches in this field were fired, or, gagged:

A former Prime Minister of Norway said  "Cell phones make me ill."
The Director of Science of France was forbidden to speak about these dangers.
Scientists in:  Spain, Sweden, Germany and England have been forbidden to speak on the dangers of EMFs and/or their research is no longer being funded.

In continuing research to make technology more convenient, researchers have found ways for these frequencies to penetrate even more deeply in to human tissue --- walls even --- than it does now.

They found a way to turn the gasket of a car's window in to an antenna!   They can turn light bulbs in to antennae!

This electrical smog increases ADD, thyroid problems, sleep disorders, asthma

The Pineal Gland:  One of the most important and least understood systems of our bodies is the endocrine (glandular) system --- especially -- The Pineal Gland.  Why don't you hear much about it?  Because our scientists do not seem to know much about it themselves.  Or, if they do, they are not telling us.

In terms of geomagnetic placement, its the most important part of the body.
Its the magnetic organ.
This is our doorway to the creator.  If its blocked, we can't get information.
EMFs pollute, and, "fill up" the pineal gland (so does mercury) and blocks our intuition.
It's the most delicate part of our body, with regard to EMF exposure.
The pineal produces Melatonin and is called the "anti aging gland".
This is how we make direct contact with our spiritual side, with our Divine Source.

"Buzz Saw" energy:
There is a kind of energy that Sabina calls "Buzz Saw" energy.  Dowse to see if you are experiencing "Buzz Saw" energy, and if so, where on a scale of 1-10 it lies, 1 being low and 10 being high.   This is a detrimental energy produced by a lot of the EMFs and some other frequencies.  It's a form of inaudible static that clogs up your system.  When we think of "As Above, So Below" --- and visualize a pyramid --- both the top part of a pyramid above the background, and, an upside down pyramid underneath the right side up one --- The top part produces beneficial energy fields.  An upside down (and usually unseen) pyramid produces detrimental energy fields.  If you are working with someone who you find to have the Buzz Saw Frequency, place your hand upside down on top of their head with your fingers making the shape of a pyramid (right side up) and with dowsing, clear out the Buzz Saw Frequency.

You can also visualize a quartz crystal sitting in your 3rd eye.  The crystal can be the [clear] symbol of enlightenment you get from God.

[Editor's addition:  A new microwave system that has been planned for Great Britain in February 2001 is called the TETRA system and it purposefully creates massive harmful effects:

"  The new Home Office microwave system called TETRA is to be the mainstay of British police force communications and will be placed in every major population centre. The British Government is spending 2 1/2 billion pounds on a 400 MHz pulse modulated microwave transmitter network which broadcasts 17.6 Hz into the brains of all Britain's police and anyone living near the planned 30,000 transmitters.

The first place these transmitters will be deployed is Glastonbury. The effects of these transmitters, which entirely duplicate CIA research in optimal mind-control technology, are:

Since these ions are the chief factor in long and short term potentiation of synapses, the brain cell junctions, and are crucial to memory and cognition, use of the TETRA system on such a scale could cause irreversible brain damage by disturbing not only calcium ions but sodium and potassium ions, all vital to nerve and brain function.  The activated calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances, emotional and physical states.  See:]

Dr. Zaboj V. Harvalik:
Sabina found a study for us from a Dr. Harvalik, proving the sensitivity of dowsers in general and their sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation:   Dr. Zaboj V. Harvalik (retired physicist, former scientific adviser to the U.S. Army’s Advanced Material Concepts Agency a 100-man top secret unit, which was assiduously planning America's army for the year 2000) explains the dowsing phenomenon, offers proof that dowsing is scientifically proven and dowsers are in fact sensitive:

- That dowsers react in varying degrees to polarized electromagnetic radiation, artificial alternating magnetic fields ranging in frequency between one and a million cycles per second and to DC magnetic fields.

- He found evidence that dowser’s bodies sense magnetic-field gradients from many things such as underground pipes, tunnels, wires and geological anomalies, as well as the gradients from moving water.

- The area of the body where this is sensed is in the vicinity of the sinuses and the ethmoid bone, which lies across the forehead above the eyes

- Harvalik's measurements indicated that a dowsing sensor might be located in the vicinity of either the pituitary or the pineal gland.

-  Harvalik's research established that small magnetic field gradient changes or electromagnetic radiations stimulate the sensors in the adrenal glands and in the pituitary which form a three-dimensional perception system permitting even patterns recognition.

- After hundreds of hours of tests, he was able to determine that 80 percent of his subjects could initially obtain a dowsing signal at a current strength above 20 milliamperes. Sensitivity to magnetic fields, it appeared, was as variable as hearing or sight.

- This suggested that the "receiver" of the signal was slightly below the solar plexus, perhaps in the kidney region.

- Dowsers were also potentially sensitive to all kinds of natural or man-made electromagnetic signals, ranging from thunderstorms to radio and television waves, for which they should be able to serve as detectors.

In addition to dowsing, Sabina uses kinesiology extensively in her practice. She checks the subtle (etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual) bodies to see where this energy is coming through.  Her research shows that EMFs come through the mental body.   What she does is she "runs the energy up" to repair the mental body --- 10 or 12 times, or, sometimes even just 3 times.  It works because she brings awareness to it, which means intention.

Sabina showed us a Beogram of a man who was using a cell phone.  His aura was very jagged.  She showed us a follow up Beogram where he had a bottle of "Present Time", a Young Living Essential Oil, in his left pocket.  The aura on his left side was now whole.

SOLUTIONS:  What are some of the ways you can help yourself?

Limit exposure. Reduce use of electrical appliances
Increase Anti Oxidants and electrolytes: Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium
Use transformative devices  (These are available at her clinic)
Increase Essential Fatty Acids
Use good quality Essential Oils, such as Young Living Essential Oils
   For the pineal/pituitary gland:  Apply to the head
   To increase the frequency:  Apply to the feet
Stay well hydrated
Use salt baths (sea salt and baking soda) - Especially after visiting airports
Remove mercury fillings
Use a smoky quarts or Quartz crystal
Use peat moss / hazelnuts
Use Melrose Oil:  30 drops
Use the Power of Prayer

Essential oils are one of the highest known sources of antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage. They also contain a bioelectric frequency several times greater than that of herbs and food and so can raise the frequency of the body.

The quickest, most powerful, most direct way to reach and stimulate the the pineal and the pituitary glands is through the olfactory system --- through smell.

She recommends the following (Young Living Essential) Oils to combat the effects of EMFS:

And / or the following Blends: I had a session with Sabina at her clinic in Brampton this past July.  Remember that awful cough I had?  Sabina used the GDV system to determine the cause of this mysterious malady.  She said that while she was watching it, it was mutating.  I found out much more about my health on all levels in that session than in hours of sessions in other ways. My electro magnetic fields were now balanced.  My walk had changed 6 months earlier and was not comfortable.  Sabina noticed it and fixed it in the snap of her fingers.  Yes, I was one of those people with a pineal pituitary imbalance.  After I left her office I went for a cup of tea and wrote for 3 hours --- all that she told me.  I found Sabina to be an extremely thorough, comprehensive, detailed, multi faceted health professional.  And the fact that she can and does approach things from a woman's point of view is comforting.
THANK YOU SABINA!  You have helped hundreds if not thousands of people with your information and wisdom and knowledge and passion and totally committed willingness to share.  You have helped the Toronto Dowsers and you have helped me, personally.
Dr. DeVita teaches people how to use the GDV system, how to work with it and read the data.

Dr. DeVita uses the GDV system with all her clients.  For an appointment, for her transformative devices and/or to order her book, "Electromagnetic Pollution" call: (905) 451-4475

To purchase her Young Living Essential Oils or to obtain your own member # and purchase them at wholesale prices, call 1-800-371-2928 and give them Dr. Sabina DeVita’s name and member # 16072 .

[NOTE:  To add to this section, I took excerpts from Dr. DeVita's book "ElectroMagnetic Pollution" as well as excerpts about Dr. Harvalik from  "The Divining Hand: The 500-Year-Old Mystery of Dowsing" by Christopher Bird ]


Drained?  Tired?  Irritable?   Fooey!  DO Something.

Do you feel unusually drained, tired or irritable at times?  CHECK YOUR ENERGY LEVELS.   Around October 3-5, Shelley Bourne, Chiropodist, noticed that many of her clients, especially the elderly, were feeling considerably tired and edgy.  With their permission, she checked their energy levels and found them to be too low.  She raised them and they were feeling better.

Bill Askin tells us that at times natural waves of energy pass through our solar system or our earth or parts of our continent.  It is helpful if we remain aware of these waves and the effects that they have on us so we can take the necessary action.  There was a pretty oppressive wave going through the beginning of October.  Those who could realize that this was happening were able to do something about it.  So remain aware and raise your energy level if you are feeling too tired, and the energy levels of those you care about.

You might also consider raising your Motivation Levels.  The catch here is, you have to be motivated to want to raise your motivation level.  So, when you figure this one out, would you let us know?

The Deceptive Ease of Dowsing:  Dowsing for Intentions

An observant and experienced dowser, visiting here, noticed that one of the ways we sometimes use information dowsing is to determine levels of intent with regard to people we are dealing with, and if the intent is not beneficial and/or for the highest good, to ask our dowsing system to change it to beneficial.

He told me he would accept the results of this dowsing from a dowser who --- for example --- could correctly dowse the answers in a shell game, say, 80% or 90% of the time.  This is a valid point.

Yes, it is about dowsing the intent of other people, but that's not all.  It's about using dowsing to make decisions in significant life matters, without doing the necessary practical work. We're here to make decisions and learn!  It's about dowsing to see if we or, even worse, someone else has cancer, especially if the person isn't willing to go to the doctor if he or she thinks they do have cancer.

There are very few dowsers I would accept the results of this type of dowsing from.  I am often reluctant to do this kind of dowsing myself.  Why?  To do this --- well ---you have to be totally free of influences, opinions, prejudices, thoughts, emotions, memories --- all that stuff.  You have to be totally clear and balanced.  So what do we do?  We use dowsing to clear ourselves and then ask our dowsing system if we are clear and if we are accurate.  It's like asking someone if they are lying.  Which answer do you believe?  Or, to paraphrase Alan Watts, its like trying to bite your own teeth.

This ought to encourage us to do what we want to do anyway:  Practice.  Practice dowsing, practice getting in to and remaining in a clear, calm, focused, balanced state.  The more you "practice" this, the more it remains with you and it becomes who you are.  That's what we want anyway, right?

Dowsing seems to be very simple.  Dowsing is simple.  However, to be a good dowser, one must practice practice practice.  And not attempt certain areas until they are ready.  Too many people want to do advanced work before they master the basics.  This is similar to 15 year old children who may be physically capable of performing a sexual act but are probably emotionally unprepared for this.

Remember when Alan Reed told us that his teacher would not let him dowse in certain areas until he had completed 6 months of good steady dowsing?

Dowsing is a sacred and powerful tool that should be used and not abused.

Please, before you do advanced work, regularly practice the basics for a considerable amount of time.  Otherwise, you risk getting inaccurate answers and committing a form of spiritual trespass.

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 Illuminating the Shadow : Amulet
6 months ago, we announced the premier of Shelley Bourne's and Sharon Russell's CD:  "Illuminating the Shadow".  When this CD was played at one of the breaks during Joey's workshop last month, it was noted that: "... the CD pulls you in to a state of grace so the Tree of Life is in balance.  It acts like an amulet where its easy for you to move in to the right place ....  it moves you 'above the clouds' so you have a higher overall view of what is going on and you start making decisions effortlessly.  If you do this enough it becomes a habit.  Then Joey's Human Energy Pattern shows you why. ..."

Gateway To Fulfillment: Seeing Angels
Last December, Richard Martin, played his " Gateway to Fulfillment " CD for us. We measured the aura before, and, after he played a track.  It increased considerably after playing.  Recently, Richard said that over a half dozen people have called him, saying that they were seeing angels after listening to his CD, Track #2  .  Richard has found that we go through 23 dimensions when we come in from the spiritual plane and go to the physical plane and then travel again through 23 dimensions when we go 'back out' from the physical plane to the spiritual plane.   When we come in we do this through the God source and bring this with us.  You can find his CD in New Age stores around Toronto or call:  (416) 925-8602.


Videos and their Availability:

Last month we videotaped Joey Korn's presentation.  We expect to have copies of this video available for sale.  It is quite good. We are still working out details, the cost may be $17 -- for members of the Toronto Dowsers.   We also expect to have copies of Dr. Sabina DeVita's video available as well.  The cost might be slightly higher as one of the things we are finding out is that duplication costs are mainly based on the length of the video and this was a longer presentation.  Becoming a "Producer" and all that this involves is certainly a new education!   We expect to video February's session, too.

To: Richard Chomko, Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete, Brian Harris, Joyce Peterson, Inta Ridler, Ayoma Fonseka, June Allen, Pat Kulyski, Ernst von Bezold. Diana Davis, Rick Roocroft, Gerry Burghmann, Joan Shepard, Arlene Anisman, --- hope I didn't forget anyone.  You have all given me EXCELLENT suggestions on places where we can hold meetings, workshops, events, and it is thanks to you that I have found all the locations we are now using.  Please, folks, do keep them coming.  We have all sorts of events lined up.   Now, if I can only find those little slips of paper I wrote them down on.

And many thanks to Barry Johnson who acquired and set up the sound system we used at St. Leonard's.  We might have been able to use more sophisticated equipment but Barry did wonders with the money we had to spend at the time.  We were lucky to get Barry's help as he is so busy with work, family and his elixirs and energy work.

10:30, and the New Room. TUESDAY NIGHTS

We were able to leave our meeting at 10:30, I negotiated for another half hour.  This gives us the time we need for our apres meeting schmoozing --- which does complete the evening.  Otherwise it's like leaving a good friend without a hug.  And we can have refreshments.   In December we are in a 90' x 45' hall --- but its not good for presentation style meetings because it has pillars.

In January we move in to a HUMONGOUS room --- the FLORA McRAE Auditorium --- which has its own separate entrance.  3,000 square feet?

We started our meetings on Tuesday nights, then moved to Wednesday because our meeting place brought in a choir to practice on Tuesdays and it was too loud for us.  Now we will be moving back to Tuesdays because we can't get the big room on Wednesdays. ...   flip flop, flip flop.  Who was it that wanted to buy us a building? ???


We are attempting to set up Dowsing Practice at our meetings.  This would be for those who are interested, of course, and would begin off on a side at about 6:15 --- this could be done on the side while we are setting up for the meetings.  We will announce details next month.
If we do not have Email address for you:
About 3-8 email messages are sent out each month, that are activity related, reminding us of activities, and notifying us of activities that just came up and did not get in to the newsletter.

For November, many things took place that did not make it in to the newsletter:  A dinner with ASD speaker Alan Handelsman on November 8th,  notification about the Toronto Bead Show November 9th (folks are interested in this to make their own pendulums), the Crop Circles Conference at the Sixth Nations Reserve November 16th, info on the Whole Life Expo, full notification of Raymon's Nov. 26th visit. and ....

If you have an email address and you are not receiving emails, let us know.  If you do not have email, please connect with someone who does, and they can call or fax you about important messages, OR, let us know if you would like to be on our "telephone list" and someone will call you.

The  [proposed] Toronto Dowsers Directory

One of the suggestions on the Surveys filled out in September was that a membership listing might be useful.  Some want this, others, who want to maintain their privacy and don't want to chance this listing getting in to the hands of advertisers, prefer not.  So we are going to do something that should satisfy everyone, and, more so.

Please submit by January 10th:  For members only:  We will make an alphabetical by last name listing of those who would like to submit information.  This can be a maximum of 1 inch in height.  That is 6 lines of text.  If what you submit requires more than an inch I'll reduce the font or edit it.

What might this "INFORMATION"  consist of?   You can include whatever you want to include about yourself, as long as follows guidelines of common sense and reasonable decency as determined by the person compiling the listing. You can advertise a service, a product, say what you like about dowsing, talk about your pet poodle, etc.  You might want to talk about your Reiki services, jewelry you make and sell, a house you want to buy, to sell, that you are looking for a dowsing buddy -- whatever.  Be sure to include the contact information you want included.

This will be mailed out in January  (with the February newsletter).  If it works, we might do this twice a year.  okay?

The real problem with COFFEE

I have wondered why --- if caffeine is supposed to be so bad for us --- why is it that I can drink 2 liters of strong black tea a day --- day after day (I don't do this any longer) and if I should drink 2 cups a day of coffee a day after awhile I don't feel so good.

A few months ago I told you about herbal formulas I received from Helen, the herbalist at Herbie's Herbs --- owned by 2 of our members --- (an excellent, well stocked and unusual health food store just east of Bathurst, on Queen Street - Helen is there 3 days / week).  Helen told me the Coffee Story.

What is coffee?  It comes from a bean.  What do we know about nuts, seeds, many beans and legumes.  They have oils, right?   What happens to oil when you heat it?  What happens to oil when it is roasted?   What happens when you eat something that has oils that have been roasted?

It's not the caffeine, folks --- it's the ROASTING !    The heating changes the molecular structure and you have a bunch of rather toxic:  rancid  free radicals  destroying your good health!!!!  THAT's why coffee ain't so good for us.  Tracy McBurney, who was our September 2001 speaker and one of my teachers when I studied nutrition, said she found that the best coffee --- if you must have coffee --- is Second Cup's Swiss Water Decaffeinated.

Helen reminded me how horrible it is to ingest this toxic brew, and, went on to add Bar B Q --- any kind of charred meats, toast to the list ---  these are all carcinogenic.  Dowse for yourself

A Story of One Person's Terrific Help for the Brain

Most of you remember Olga Nickle, who gave a presentation to us October 2001 on Hand Sensing and the Learning Path Technique.

Olga freely talks about her unusual schedule, that she sleeps during the day and is up during the evening --- as due to a significant chemical imbalance it has been impossible for her to sleep at night --- or so it was.

Olga found something which has, literally -- totally and miraculously changed her life.  She has not been able to sleep at night for 15 years.  Now she can.  She asked that this information be shared with you.

Olga was led to, and started taking, a supplement --- a phospholipid --- called Phosphatidyl Serine (PS).  PS is one of the newer supplements that helps improve brain function.

At 73 years of age, after 15 years of not being able to sleep at night and having had to change around her entire lifestyle, habits, friends, activities, communications, after taking PS for 6 weeks Olga has begun to be able to sleep through the night.  She also finds that her memory is improving and she is not as easily distracted.

She uses Natural Factors and that it may be suggested for most people to take  1  100 mg capsules 3 times a day and after that 1 capsule once a day.   She believes it is transported better when you take it with Gingko Biloba.

She found PS by reading the book "Memory Cure" by Dr. Thomas Crook.

The fundamental contributions of PS at the level of the individual brain cell are actually expressed in the performance of the brain as a whole. Dietary supplementation with PS can alleviate, ameliorate, and sometimes reverse age-related decline of memory, learning, concentration, word skills, and mood. PS also may improve the body's capacities to cope with stress and maintain the internal circadian rhythms.

The decline can become evident as  early as the fifth decade of life. As memory and cognition slows, nerve cell density falls - a kind of "dropout" occurs, partly in nerve cell number and also in the density of the synaptic connections within the network.

PS is not abundant in common foods, so it is limited in the human diet. Moreover, the body can make it only with difficulty. Given orally,  PS is rapidly absorbed and readily crosses the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain. There, its sites of action appear to be exclusively in cell membrane.

PS and other phospholipids (PL, for short) are large "lipid" molecules that hold together the large molecules in the cell's membrane systems.

PS Supports Multiple Membrane Functions in Nerve Cells which in turn especially depend on membranes to carry out their specialized functions.  Membrane  proteins play key roles in all these processes, and PS is important for regulating the activities of such proteins.

Among those cell functions which the cell membrane controls are:
      Entry of nutrients into the cell, and the exit of waste products
      Movements of charged atoms (ions) into and out of the cell
      Passage of molecular messages from outside the cell to its interior
      Cell-to-cell communication and other associations

PS gets into the mitochondria, which are the cells' energy producing compartments.

The findings overwhelmingly indicate PS is highly  effective and is safe to take.  There is no indication of potential problems from long-term supplementation with PS.

As a general rule, because PS is so safe the more severe the subject's problems the more aggressive can be the supplementation strategy. Patients with severe memory problems can be kept on all their other supplements and medications, and be given PS with their  meals at 300 to 500 mg per day on an ongoing basis. Subjects with motor problems may respond better at 500 mg per day. Mood problems may require a starting dose of 400 mg per day. For age-related cognitive decline (ARCD), a daily intake of 300 mg may be appropriate.

PS is far more abundant in the brain than in the other organs, and  to date has the most clinical significance as a brain nutrient.  PS can slow the loss of brain  functions, and in some cases partially rejuvenate them.

One effect that PS manifests as an orthomolecule, is that it works  to keep the brain's processes within normal limits, raising them when they are low and lowering them when they are high. Thus PS  boosts the weak stress response in the elderly person, and calms down exaggerated stress response in the healthy young person. PS may also benefit children as evidenced by findings from a pilot study  on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Until recently, supplemental PS was available only from bovine brain. Now PS is available as a soy lecithin-based concentrate. With its proven benefits against age-related mental decline, phosphatidylserine might represent a truly safe and effective means for improving the quality of life of the elderly. (Alt Med Rev 1996;1(2):70-84)

A Dowsing Story:   In the Spiritual Doghouse
"    Before, during and after teaching a dowsing class I am very specific with regard to changing the energy of others.  'Any changes must be in the highest and best good for all involved.'

Well one of my students was having a hard time grasping this concept and the other side decided to teach him a simple but valuable lesson we all can learn from!

After learning about energy levels this student was focusing on the energy of his home and realized that the energy of his dog was far greater than what he THOUGHT it should be and after all who should have a higher energy level?  Him or his dog?   " I didn't think he should be in control of the house", said the student.

So without checking to see if it was for the dog's HIGHEST and BEST GOOD he immediately reduced the energy level  of the dog to a level below his own.

That evening, out of the blue, his dog was attacked by another dog.  As he and his wife pulled the little guy to safety the dog pooped all over himself and on them.  I received a call from him the next day:  "WHAT HAPPENED?!?"

Moral of the story : Know this, your version of the HIGHEST and BEST GOOD can be considerably different than that of the universe.  They will s*it on you! and for this student they couldn't have been any more graphic!  "

  - Angela Adamson Viola, Mississauga Ontario, November 2002 - Angela is our Junior Dowsers teacher. Her daughter, Sierra, will be one of the Spoon Bending Teachers at the December social.

Go to the ASD Convention:  June 9 - 16, 2003, Lyndonville, Vermont

The keynote speaker at the ASD Convention this year is Sig Lonegren, author of:  Labyrinths: Ancient Myths & Modern Uses" (Newly published in 2002) and "Spiritual Dowsing".   He is noted for his work in dowsing as well as Labyrinths and Geomancy.  As keeper of The Labyrinth Society's website, he put our May 10th Labyrinth workshop on their site.

Here's some interesting tidbits from some of Sig's public emails since June 2002:

"  I have used the word "archaeoastrology" to indicate the way our foremothers and fathers related to the heavens in their medicine wheels or stone circles. You could see Mars in the heavens, go to that part of the circle, and take on those energies/characteristics. It is my understanding that archaeoastrology is the basis/root of modern astrology."

"  As far as I can tell it was the Greeks who initially started the confusion when they used the word "labyrinth" to describe a "maze" in Minoan Crete. The word labyrinth comes from way back - into the time when God was a woman - at least several thousand years BCE. The word maze comes to us from Europe in about 1000 CE. Much more recent. In this sense, mazes are meant to confuse. They are left brain puzzles. Labyrinths are right brain enhancers. Another way of saying this is that mazes are degenerate labyrinths."

"  As far as I can tell, the meaning of this term, "geomancy,' has changed in the last twenty years. Yes, there was a system of reading the Earth called geomancy in the Middle Ages, the meaning has shifted to what we are putting forth on [the]  Mid-Atlantic Geomancy  [web site]. And yet, it is still divination of the Earth. It is just done differently, and as far as I can tell, based on  how European Geomancers have worked in the past."

"  When you dowse in sacred space, you are using dowsing as a spiritual tool that can assist you on your spiritual path. If you see yourself as a pilgrim on a life long spiritual path, dowsing can assist your journey regardless of the particular path you have chosen. On the spiritual path, each of us perceives it slightly differently. Is it a surprise that in dowsing, the same thing is true? What we find depends on things like our individual level of consciousness, and what our teacher has taught us to see (even if we don't see it exactly the same as s/he does). Is it any wonder that there are so many Protestant denominations? Everyone sees it slightly differently!"

ALSO!   The ASD is changing their sales area --- it will be in a LARGER location, and CLOSER to the main room.  Uh oh!

  Keep checking at:  802-684-3417.  And start saving some dough.

I know its been a lot to read so far, but hang on a little while longer, or, take a break. If you are not familiar with them yet, you DO want to know more about CROP CIRCLES.  Perfect for dowsers.

About a dozen of us drove out to the 6 Nations Reserve in Brantford November 16th for their Crop Circles Conference.  This was my first experience finding out the meaning of the circles and I thank Shelley Bourne and Glen Halina for telling me about their interest in this phenomenon because hearing about their interest stimulated my own curiousity.

I had not realized how perfect the study of the circles is for dowsers and for me until that day.  I'd been reading science fiction since I was 11 years old and finally, it is coming true, but its more science than fiction.  So many elements that are of interest to dowsers are present in these circles: earth energies, sacred geometry, hidden mysteries, sacred spots, ley lines, truth, secrets, answers, energy, information, and, that the authorities are not too keen on us finding out about them.  I think what crop circles are showing us represents exactly so many of the reasons why we are dowsing.

Francine Blake, Founder of the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group in England who gave us this presentation, showed us that the crop circles are getting more complicated as they progress and are probably being used to teach us and set the foundation for communication between us and their creators.  The seeds of the grains in the circles has been proven to be energetically charged, and their molecular structure has been changed.

One of the books on crop circles is "Secrets in the Field" by Freddy I haven't read this, or, any book on crop circles yet but the write up explains this phenomenon better than I can, so I'm copying that here for you:

Suppose you were given a set of keys...
Keys that awaken a giant sleeping network of energy.
Keys that open a library of ancient information - knowledge that science is only now rediscovering.
Keys encoding new systems of technology.
Keys with powers to heal, to alter consciousness and affect social change.
Keys that provide a bridge between physical and non-physical realms.
Keys that ultimately unlock the Universal potential within you.
And suppose great efforts have been employed to suppress the origins of these keys?
With a solid foundation and a framework that intertwines science and metaphysics, this unique book is a journey into uncharted territory, in which crop circles are revealed to be part of a reality that is at the leading edge of this new millennium, and only just coming to the attention of the everyday world.

This fully illustrated book examines the crop circles through a multitude of disciplines including Earth  sciences, sacred geometry, sound, harmonics, mathematics, history, etymology, symbology, sociology, biology, physics, ufology, and psychic phenomena.

Secrets in the Fields uncovers the mechanism behind crop circles, who makes them, why they are here, and why they are debunked; it shows how crop circles are connected with subtle forces, electromagnetism, gravity, and acoustics - techniques our predecessors utilized in pyramids and Gothic cathedrals to create transcendental states and conditions for healing; it examines how they coincide with ancient predictions, from ancient Egyptian texts to the Book of Revelations; it explores how crop circles may be altering the very DNA of living organisms on Earth; how they are part of a cyclical exchange of energy and matter that underscores the rhythm of ecocycles, of evolution, perhaps the history of humanity itself.
                                             + + + + +
As science has discovered, there is more to the physical world than meets the eye. What we have accepted as 'reality' is in fact a complex array of frequencies spinning at frantic speeds, determining the form of every flower, every body, even the very screen you are looking at.

Our ancestors were well aware of this concept, and as such they built lasting monuments of stone across the face of the Earth. The early Catholic church recognized the importance of such sites to the degree that it issued orders outlawing their use, then superimposed its own houses of the holy upon them. For these pagan shrines were not located haphazardly: they strategically mark the crossing points of an invisible - yet measurable - electromagnetic grid that encircles the Earth, points where the planet's 'data storage' can be accessed.

Or influenced.

At these sites, the properties of nature are enhanced, facilitating altered states of awareness and communication with more refined levels of reality. But with the rise of rationalism the true purpose of these sites became blurred. They fell into disuse, became shrouded in superstition, and like batteries drained of energy, they inevitably shut down.

Suddenly, in the twentieth century, mysterious symbols began materializing with ever increasing frequency beside these ancient markers all over the world. And these rhythmic  patterns were aligned strategically at points along this energy grid, 'waking' the sacred sites that had lain dormant for centuries.

These crop circles bring with them measurable energetic properties that influence the natural rhythms of the human body, its brainwave patterns, even its state of awareness.

They are altering the chromosomes of plants, the chemical composition of the soil, and leave an imprint in the very water we drink. But despite this, the authorities are engaged in a global media exercise to convince the public that these complex patterns are all the work of pranksters with planks.

Secrets in the Fields is a valuable, accessible source of reference, an invitation to the world audience to rediscover ancient knowledge, and awaken to a new one. For coded within the crop circles is a manual for these times of change, as well as a legacy for the future.

The information is inspirational, offering anyone a unique opportunity to rediscover their hidden potential. Because presented in the crop circles are the mirrors of humanity and the keys to its evolution.

They are a reminder of where we come from and a signpost to where we are headed.

If you can't find the book locally, order: From Canada: If you are sending a US check or Money Order, and drawn from a US account: US $24, payable to FREDDY SILVA. For orders in Canadian Dollars and drawn from a Canadian account: there is a processing fee levied by the banks, so the full amount is CDN $34. Mail to: Secrets in the Fields, Box 276, Cobb Farm Road, Bartlett, N.H. 03812, USA

When God created you he gave you two ends, One to think with and one to sit on, Your success depends on which one you use the most, Heads you win, Tails you lose

“Great Spirits always get incredible resistance from mediocre minds." -  Albert Einstein

The TUESDAY, JANUARY 14th Meeting:

Will be in the FLORA McRAE Auditorium --- this is a HUMOUNGOUS room
We will have some clearing, centering calming exercises, handouts
We will gather in groups to connect

THE   Wednesday, December 11th, 2002 MEETING FEATURES:
The Toronto Dowsers 3rd Annual Networking Social
7 - 10 PM
Our meetings are excuses for like minded people to gather together
We learn how to become better dowsers
We are aware of the value of raising consciousness
We are mostly givers and want to help our families and friends have happier, healthier lives

This is our time of the year where you are encouraged to socialize, sell your products, services, let us know who you are and what you do outside of your dowsers network.

We have 3 components to this evening:
Eating               Shopping          Energy Raising

Eating: Pot luck finger food.   Please feel free to bring finger food munchies, like you would for a party. Cookies, small cakes, fruits, hors d'oeuvres, finger food, dips, spreads.  We will provide beverages, cups, napkins, plates.  Call me if you have a question.  You know what to do by now. You are so great at it!

Shopping / Tables:  Networking Tables:     Do you have a product you sell?   A service you would like to offer?

If you have a product or service you would like to sell or share, here is an opportunity for you to have a sales table. Your offering does not have to be dowsing, or, dowsing related.  Please note:

Energy Raising:  Bring your pendulums and/or bobbers as we do an energy raising circle.

AND:  for the past year, a good number of you have been telling me of a new and profound interest in drums and drumming.  This is something that is calling to your heart and you are looking for others to drum with.  Some are looking for to buy drums, some are looking to make drums themselves.


We are excited that Chippewa Native Ned Benson, of  Jalbun Lodge in Sebright, Ontario (near Orillia) has accepted our invitation to lead this circle.  Ned has travelled extensively throughout North America (Turtle Island) since 1979, embracing many teachings.  He initiated the first communal drum in what is now Mjikanning.  Through the communal drum and his own hand drum he has found the medium to allow the voices of the Grandfathers to grow strong.  At the lodge they offer workshops on drumming, drum making, sweat lodges and they have drumming circles.

Ned will have a table where he will have drums and other crafts for sale.

One more thing:   If you have an item that you would like to donate as a DOOR PRIZE  --- please do so.  This is a lot of fun and last year a lot of good connections were made between the donors and winners of these prizes.  You see the prizes on the prize table and dowse for the prize you want the most.

[Note: The Hawaiian Dance troupe cancelled on account of Snow.]

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