The Toronto Dowsers proudly sponsors a

Workshop with
from Arizona

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6th, 10:00 - 5
Calvin Presbyterian Church - upstairs
26 Delisle - A 5 minute walk from Yonge & St. Clair, and the St. Clair subway)
(This is one very short street north of St. Clair, just west off Yonge)

Turning Pain into Power: Dowsing and the Pursuit of Romance, Finance,
Resonance and Connection to the Smiling God.

Alan will give a Resonance Tuner to every workshop participant

     The unifying theme of this workshop will be relationship, and how to improve all the relationships in your life, whether with yourself, your thoughts and emotions, your behaviors, other people (friends, lovers, co-workers, even family!), money, work, career, food, toxins in the environment, your past, your future, those wonderful things we call energy fields, and even with God.
     In this hands-on workshop, you will learn:
The Secret Knowledge. (This alone will change your life!)
How to open up and use unconditional love and acceptance.
The real meaning of the word Maya.
How to use imagination to create reality.

Alan says, "When I first heard about the three stages of healing, I didn't understand them. Now, after several years, I am beginning to get a glimpse into their meaning, and their power. At the November 4th meeting, I will discuss these three steps, and in the workshop, go into greater depth."

And a special bonus:

The Top Ten Reasons God has a Sense of Humor.

     Imagine sitting and taking a test with a teacher standing behind you, frowning. Now imagine taking the same test with the teacher standing behind you and smiling. In which situation do you find yourself more relaxed, more productive, coming up with better answers? What if it were okay to dowse, act, establish relationships, eat and sleep, knowing that universal consciousness is able not only to smile, but to laugh? Not at you, but with you! Think of experiencing a smiling, amusing and amused God. It has to change your life.

     Yes, there can be a lighter side to working with heavy issues. You will leave this workshop having made many changes, ore intuitive and creative,laughing more, energized, empowered, and smiling. The price of admission includes one Resonance Tuner.

"Laughter can be more satisfying than honor; more precious than money; more heart-cleansing than prayer." -  Harriet Rochlin.


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Alan Handelsman,  M.M., CHt., is a Vice President of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, the local affiliate of the National Guild of Hypnotists.  He is a favorite speaker at US Dowsing Conventions having spent many years studying and teaching many different aspects of communication and personal growth.   He gives special workshops at EFT Seminars (on Substance Sensitivities), and has been to Toronto before as a speaker at the Energy Psychology Conference.

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(A free Resonance Tuner will be given to every workshop participant)
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