ASD Board of Trustees History:    2003 to 2005
The continued attempts by the cabal to break apart the ASD and their lack of success

I.    The BS (Barry Smith) Board  June 2003 - June 2005:

Here are just a few of the documents about the recent activities promulgated by the Board of Trustees of the American Society of Dowsers, June 2003 to June 2005

June 2003 - February 2005

A letter from Louis Matacia

A motion put forth by Frank Jordan at an illegal board meeting, January 2005

and the beat goes on . . . .
      Read RALPH SQUIRE'S un bee leev able!!!   email!!!  (May 1, 2005)  Is this treasonous... sabotoge... perfidy....  or what???
II.    Since June 2005:  The results of the previous (2003-2005) Board's continuing attempts at havoc:
HAPPENINGS:  June 13-20,  Happenings at the 45th ASD Convention, Vermont.  An article of what's been going on:  the 2005 election, the "new group", the "Membership [sic] Meeting", why this might be happening, etc.
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At the June 2005 Board of Trustees meeting, the trustees brought forth a motion to remove Ralph Squire as a trustee, due to his continuing efforts to attempt to harm the organization.

This motion was tabled as it was realized that its rules do not permit any sort of discipline, penalty or removal at all, regardless of infraction.  This issue was to be sent to the ASD lawyers.

September 8, 2005:   Ralph did the organization and its members (and himself) a favor, and resigned as Trustee. (Trustee?  Trusty?  Trust?  HAH!)

Very soon after his resignation, he has sent more emails, mostly to chapter leaders, mostly to those on the West Coast, starting more rumors (like he has done for the past 2 years) claiming that: "there is an outside chance that ASD could soon be insolvent";   there is no staff working at headquarters;   the phone lines are disconnected, the bookstore is closed, etc.

And --- futile attempts at creating fear by alarming chapters that there assets might be attached --- probably, as is his m.o. --- so he can offer a solution.

Yes, there are problems, thanks to Ralph and his buddies, but nothing near what he is claiming.   These stories are probably as true as the "modified treasurer's report" and other fairy tales Ralph delivered in his stumbling "I don't know nothing" report to the ASD membership.   MaryMarie very abruptly adjourned the meeting, before questions embarrassing to the Cabal, and to her could be asked by the members.  Members were furious.  MM remained impervious and implacable as she was escorted from the stage, away from the jeers and angry remarks about the way she conducted the meeting and ran her 'agenda'.

They are starting another organization.  Be prepared for disinformation and ads.
It is being speculated that the missing money from the ASD treasury is funding that organization.

For the ASD to function properly, it is hoped that 3 or 4 additional trustees will resign and we can get back to spending our time re-building our organization.

Ralph and MaryMarie are not  bad people.  There are very few really bad people.  Unfortunately they, and several others are being influenced by one or more of those bad people.  Unfortunately, Ralph has become a fall guy and MaryMarie and her good reputation are being used.  I like them both and hope we can apologize to one another when this is all over.

Volunteerism is happening once again at the ASD.    Perhaps this is what we need.  We are rebuilding, slowly.  Yes, we are rebuilding.

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Statement made by Marna Ehrech ASD Executive Secretary 2005 - 2007:
"This is Marna Ehrech, ASD Executive Secretary 2005 - 2007, speaking at the introduction of the Executive Committee of the  American Society of Dowsers on Saturday, June 18, 2005 in Alexander Twilight Theater at Lyndon State College Campus.

I have been involved with the ASD in one way or another since childhood.  The ASD is very near and dear to my heart.  I am honored to be here and to be serving you as a Trustee.  I wanted to let you know where I stand.

We have a new board of 19 Trustees.  You may or may not know that during the election of the Executive Committee, the board was divided right down the middle.  The slate you've seen presented here won.

What that means is you have a new board consisting of the ten who voted for the new slate, and the nine who didn't—who are in some way associated with the past administration.  Five of them came to convention.  And those five consistently voted as a block against the rest of us in our trustees meeting yesterday.

It will be a huge disservice to you, the members, and to ASD as a whole if these trustees, whom you elected, continue to stymie our efforts over the next two years.  They had it their way for two years, and look where we are—in the hole by over $106,000.

You, the members, indicated by your votes that you wanted a change indirection from what the past board gave you.  Your executive committee and those who support them are already making good changes.  So now, you need to take the next step and write to these trustees and tell them what you want them to do.  We are here to serve you~  Write to these nine trustees and tell them what you want.  If you don't receive a timely response, call them.  Hold them accountable!

In the email that Lea Kachadorian read to you last night, you heard one of these trustees say, on behalf of himself and others (and I'm paraphrasing here), that they would come here to convention, smile a little, but not get too involved, and vote against us when they got the chance.  Don't let them get away with it.  They are your trustees.  They owe their allegiance and their service to you, the members, and the ASD, and not to any personal agenda or any other organization.  Hold them to it.  Be vigilant.  Read the Digest and the Newsletter.  We'll keep you posted.
 Thank you."

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