The American Society of Dowsers
45th Annual Convention
Lyndon State College, Lyndonville, Vermont
June 13 - 20, 2005
Dowsing - A Key to the Infinite Mystery

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SPEAKER HILITES has photos, stories, resources, links, products, etc., from our speakers.

-  Whenever possible, each of the photos is a LINK to take you to the web site of the person in the photo --- their main page, or their books, products, etc.

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-  You can find SPEAKER contact info through their web pages.

-  I created this page because I like to have a feel for the speakers.  I tried to give you a more personal "taste" of who they are.

This page is still being completed as more information comes in.  It takes a while to do this, but its worth it.  It's my favorite page.

We would like photos --- taken at past conventions --- to put on this site.  If you have any that could be used, or any interesting anecdote, personal story, etc., please send it to me as an email attachment, or, send me a URL where it can be found and borrowed.

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Thank you for letting me do this site.  I had fun.  I hope you'll let me come back and do this next year!

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