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45th Annual Convention

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Keynote Speaker:  WILLIAM HENRY
Investigative Mythologist and author, from Nashville, Tennesse

"What we need to do is rebuild the Stairway to Heaven.”

A new world is upon us. One which we are all imagining into being. We have been given four new 21st century power tools – genes, bits, neurons and atoms (the ‘old world’ elements of earth, air, fire and water) – through which to implement our dreams. The power of these new technologies is mythic. Epic. God-like. Stargates to other galaxies. Enlightenment substances. A miracle skin. Everything is now possible. But only if we mediate these technologies by the fifth element called Spirit or quintessence.

We can begin to do this by recognizing that numerous ancient myths describe miraculous human capabilities. Embedded within these ‘stories’ are the esoteric or sacred ‘spiritual technologies’ employed by the various heroes to achieve this expanded human state.

William Henry’s goal is to uncover the spiritual secrets of ancient myths and the leading edge means to infuse Spirit into the new world and thereby to bring us face to face with our highest possible selves.

There once was a gate in Eden, but it was closed. There once was a tower to heaven, but it was destroyed. Today, we can rebuild this tower. We can open the gate.

Through multi-media publishing of William Henry’s books and lectures and other ventures, Scala Dei, Ltd. invites you to share in this dream.   Stay tuned to for information about Scala Dei, Ltd

Daniel J. Benor, MD

Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Birla
Dr. Ghanshyam Singh Birla is a renowned author, teacher, speaker, vedic palmist and astrologer.
What began in May 1972 with 300 square feet of office space in Montreal has now expanded into a 300-acre bucolic estate in the country, Village Lac Dumouchel: Retreat Center, which serves as an international facility for studies and services in Vedic palmistry and astrology, holistic services and and ayurvedic healing.

Centuries ago, the sages of India established a system of knowledge stemming from the Vedas, the earliest sacred Hindu writings. They studied the hands as a means to unveil and understand the self and relationships with others. They saw that the unique patterns of lines and signs in the hand come into being as a direct result of the way we think. Just as a pebble thrown into the water creates ripples, so our thoughts create similar effects.

Our hands offer us an objective view of who we really are. Through the study of palmistry, develped centuries ago , we have the opportunity to see to what extent our thoughts and feelings influence our happiness and the harmony of those around us. As we exercise our will in choosing positive patterns of thinking to replace any negative ones, we see our lines begin to change, reflecting a shift in our consciousness.

 Just as we continuously change and evolve, so do the lines on our hands.
Throughout our lifetime, our bodies register change. For example, the lines on our face that we acquire with age reflect experience and, we hope, wisdom. Lines and signs on our hands, present at birth, grow as we evolve, signifying the accumulated experience of our lives.
Three Levels of Consciousness  GO TO:   - FOR A LIVE DEMO:
Within your palm, you can see the interplay of the three "gunas", or levels of consciousness.  The mounts represent individualized fragments of the superconscious. The major lines correspond to your subconscious level of awareness.  The minor lines represent your conscious ability to mine the richness of the hidden subconscious and superconscious energies within you.

Zacciah Blackburn

Zacciah Blackburn is a sound healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures, and is practicing in Ascutney, Vermont, at The Center of Light.  The Center of Light is a holistic center for the study and application of  the shamanic and mystical arts through personal explorations and sacred sound transmissions. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in shamanic style settings, for personal healing and transformation.  In his workshops, Zacciah focuses on the teachings and techniques of enlightened being, often from the ancient Mystery Schools, and uses Sacred Sound as a platform to explore those teachings more deeply.  He invites energies of various sacred cultures to assist us. Zacciah is Director of Education at the New England Sound Healing Research Institute, an international community of healing practitioners broadening the awareness of sound healing through networking, education, and scientific research.

Zacciah is also a flutemaker, and operates Sunreed Instruments, a small Vermont  fine craft studio, where they have made bamboo wind instruments since 1977 and created the bamboo saxophone in 1983.  Sunreed offers a wide variety of quality hand made bamboo flutes, shakuhachi, bamboo saxophones and clarinets, Native American flutes, didgeridoos, drums, etc.



Artist / Dowser / Labyrinth Designer / Geomancer
Marty Cain is an artist who builds labyrinths and sacred sites, dowses for water and geopathic stress in homes and businesses. She fully believes that the Earth and every thing on it is alive, conscious, intelligent, and ready to play with those who bring respect and their own playfulness to the opportunity.

Marty's first awareness of the spirit in nature was with her Lithuanian grandfather who took her, as a child, into the woods to ask the wildflowers if they wanted to be transplanted into his garden. She does not remember hearing the plants answer her grandfather, but she was sure they must have, as she and her grandfather always respected the wishes of those plants who did not want to be moved. Grandpa Witkus never came right out and said that plants, like animals, have wills of their own and the ability to hear and understand what people say. He just always treated them as though they did. By the time Marty was six, Grandfather had taught her how to transplant wild flowers, how to dowse for water, and to respect the wishes of all living creatures.


"Porky and Bess"
She's been married to a well driller for many years, but Bess Cutter of Virginia Beach, doesn't need to use a drilling rig to find water.   A forked stick, wire rods, or a pendulum are the only tools she uses.

Bess is a dowser. For more than a quarter of a century, she has used her tools of the trade to find water and make other discoveries. She was surprised to learn as a teenager that she had the ability to dowse for water by using a forked stick.

"I was around 13 and was spending the summer on a farm caring for a lady who had just gotten out of the hospital. She was having a water well dowsed by an old Indian gentleman and I watched him and followed behind him with a forked stick and did the things he did. He essentially taught me how to dowse without saying a word," she said.

"I grew up in a Pentecostal church, and you don't do these things there. At age 13, they told me this was of the devil, but I believe God wouldn't let me do anything that is against his will," she said.

Bess, who still dowses and teaches classes on the art, said dowsing enables you to learn much more about a site than whether water is present.

"You can determine the beginning and ending depth of the water zone and can determine if two of the zones cross and you can determine the gallons per minute for each zone and see which would produce the most water," she said. "You can triangulate it out and get in the center of the triangle to find the best spot to find water.

"In dowsing you are tuning in to the earth's energy and tuning in to nature. You learn to read and be in harmony with them," she said. "I tune into things by the vibrations I feel."

"I can tell when I'm getting close to something by feeling the Y-rod and the L-rod lock onto them and pull. It's the degree of the pull that has to do with the depth and how close and how far away you are. Learning that comes with experience," she said.

Dowsing isn't something which can be done quickly, as she said it can take two to three hours to dowse because there are often multiple streams of water on a property and the dowser has to select the main stream and determine if any of the streams cross or feed into others.

"It takes a lot of mental energy to dowse and it can be mentally exhausting," she said.

Bess added young people also find it easy to dowse. She said she taught students at an elementary school about dowsing and many of them quickly located the underground water and sewer lines which served the school

"Young people haven't been programmed that they can't do it," she said. "Dowsing teaches you a lot about yourself and it's fun and it's interesting."

Bess was recently elected as one of 20 trustees to the ASD Board of Trustees and will begin her term this June.

*            *            *            *            *            *
Howard "Porky" Cutter, started drilling, in 1954, with his own company, H.C. Drilling Company. One year later, his father, Ellis E. "Porky " Cutter, left his job to join Howard as a partner. The company became Cutter & Dad Drilling Company. They advanced quite rapidly and soon had offices in several states. After the father passed away in 1965, the business was sold. The next following years, the father's nickname of "Porky" was passed down to Howard and he became known as, Howard "Porky" Cutter.

In 1962, Howard "Porky"earned a "Foreman Engineer Degree" from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 1983, Howard "Porky" received the 4th, "Master Ground Water Contractor Certification" issued by the National Ground Water Association. In 1987, he started, Drilling Consultants International Inc. which he operates today. This has taken him to many states, and foreign countries, such as Mexico, Central and South America, West Indies and Taiwan.

"Porky"is still very active in drilling. He and his wife, Bess, live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  For a really excellent story about Bess, please go to:  BESS!!!   WHAT a TEAM!

Read "How Porky Inherited His Name", inspired by a haircut!

Read  Porky in the Army .   Porky was drafted into the U.S. Army and went through basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.  At graduation, the commanding officer informed Porky he was the only person to go through basic training with his wife.

Pat Dornik
Pat working on a lady. Notice all the orbs around her and the energy band in the middle over the lady's forehead being sent by Pat. 

Pat's CD: Spiritual Growth in your Everyday Life 
Pat is a spiritual and metaphysical intuitive experienced in Gestalt Phenomenon survival. She developed Calibrated Energy Therapy (CET) for better health, multidimensional peace and Ascension. She actively uses all five senses (channeling, seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling) in analyzing the energy patterns of the human body. Pat is recognized as a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and as a medium.

Ellie Drew

How It All Began   (the story behind Ellie's book, "Partnering with Spirit")

From Ed Stillman, President, ASD Tucson chapter,  October 2003:

"Homer Hefty made his Transition Home to the Light on March 29, 2003:  Homer was the outstanding water dowser in southern Arizona and had dowsed many wells. He was also active in ASD and was the past President of the Tucson Chapter. Homer was always interested in the metaphysical, especially the mysteries of life and death. He studied under Walter Russell while he was in the Army.

His wife Marge said, "Homer was always helping new dowsers. When we would take a dowsing call for water or geomancy, part of the deal was to train that person in the art of dowsing. A saying that Homer paraphrased was, give a thirsty man a drink and he will be thirsty tomorrow. Teach him how to dowse and he will always have water. The H L Hefty Scholarship Fund has been started at the Tucson Chapter.

Ellie Drew, who leads a group on conscious change, began a prayer circle to pray for Marge. As they began, the group noticed a bright, square, short light near four dowsers in the group. Ellie heard the words, "I'm alive. Tell them I'm alive. Thank you." The dowsers confirmed it was "Homer".

A few nights later, on April 13, Ellie was in meditation and "Homer" showed up. "I watch over her (Marge) when she sleeps. I hold her. Tell her I love her. Tell her I'm sorry I had to leave, but I never wanted to leave her. I'm more comfortable here now. It's not at all like I thought it would be. There are no words I could give you to describe it. It would be like trying to describe God. Words miss the fullness, the completeness, of being here so that any sense of "here" would be missed. Words are like describing a dot in a painting. Is it part of the painting? Yes, of course, but it is so little, you would never know what the picture was from one dot. And this painting would have to be bigger than the whole world."

"What is relevant is that I'm alive, and to let you know I'm okay. Tell them sound is important, more than light. Inner sounds. Sound is everywhere here. There you hear a tone or piano key played and you hear one note. Here, there isn't such a thing. The only equivalent would be if the global population were playing in an orchestra. That is one tone here. Using the inner tones accesses/brings through healing from here. It will heal sadness, depression, broken bones. The inner tones heal by focusing your intention like a laser. I have to go now. Tell Marge I love her." Marge says, "If this letter stretches your beliefs outside the box, go with what seems right to you."


Marna Ehrech is a native Vermonter.  The daughter of extraordinary parents, Marna has been involved with metaphysics since a very early age.  Raised on organic food, instructed in yoga by age six, and was taught to dowse at the age of eight by her mother, a long-time member of ASD.   A life-threatening illness at a very young age awakened in her a special interest in healing — on the personal, group and planetary levels.  She uses dowsing extensively in her work, both diagnostically and in treatment.   Interested in minerals all her life, she studied with the renowned local crystal healer, M. "Grover" Cleveland (of Burlington) for several years in the 80's.  She continued her studies with Luis De La Lama of the Star*Life Energy System in the early 90's, working with angelic energies.  Her passion led her to combine the two; Marna has been a healer for over a decade, channeling angelic energies through crystals and gems in her work.

She works both long distance–telepathically – as well as in person.  She specializes in using the powers of the energies of the angels and beautiful crystals and minerals specimens in combination to work magic, as applied to specific situations in the client's life; situations as varied as a problem with co-workers to a husband who won't satisfy his wife to a haunting!  This specialized knowledge is the basis for her classes and courses, and led to the creation and production of Cosma Creations Angelic Energy Essences in 2002.  She was a first-time speaker at last year's convention, and received high marks for both her workshops.  Marna has been an ordained minister since 1987, and is the mother of a trio of Leo boys.  She was recently elected as one of 20 trustees to the ASD Board of Trustees and will begin her term this June.


(That's Tom Millerin in the background, right)
Alan Handelsman has been a certified One Brain facilitator since 1994. Since 1992 he has taken over 500 hours of energy training (TFT, EFT, One Brain, Reiki level 1 & 2), including classes with Dr. Roger Callahan (TFTdx), Gary Craig, Gordon Stokes, and Daniel Whiteside. He is trained (M.M.) and still performs as a musician, and began learning about energy work as a way to help himself with stage fright and depression. He now helps musicians and others with performance and personal issues, as well as giving workshops and demonstrations nationwide. Alan began developing the Resonance Tuner™ in 1996 and the Tuner is now being used in at least 45 of the United States and 21 other countries. Most importantly, he tells great jokes at parties.
In one sentence, Resonance Tuning™ is a method of restoring compatibility, harmony, and integration in and between energy fields. I believe it works on the same principles as other energy balancing modalities. When the energy system is disrupted, people suffer in a variety of ways. Balance the energy system, people feel and perform better.

Resonance Tuning is a method of balancing energy. It can balance the energy of objects as well as people, so the effects of energy sensitivities (toxins, allergies) are sometimes reduced or eliminated. Tuning things like sugar, chocolate, cigarettes, and other foods can also reduce or eliminate the craving for these. Some people tell me that Tuning lessens their perception of aches and pain. It can make tense muscles feel more relaxed. Some people wear the Tuner on their body, and report feeling less stressed during the day. People have reported their pets settling down, or sickly pets having more energy and mobility after being Tuned.  (A Toronto Dowser reported she repaired her television with one of Alan's tuners following his November 2004 visit and workshop.)

    Rev. Mary Hardy is a writer, teacher, herbalist, and servant in the process of bringing a new consciousness to the planet. She has a Ph.D. in Homeopathy from the Missouri College of Naturopathic Physicians, and a BA in Education from Western Michigan University.  She has written two books, The Alchemist’s Handbook to Homeopathy, and Pyramid Energy: The Philosophy of God, The Science of Man.

It is through Mary, that we found out about our Keynote speaker:  WILLIAM HENRY.

Mary is an expert in the use of Essential Oils, how they came to us from Mary Magdalene (she told us that the word "amygdala" comes from Magdalene) and their use today.  For more info, go to:  MARY'S OILS.

     Her interest in pyramids was inspired by an incident in 1968. Mary, her husband Dean, and their two sons, Mark and John, experienced a time loss of three to four hours. During this time, they met with the White Brotherhood and were advised to build a pyramid in their backyard. At this time they were    programmed with information to bring about the healing of the planet. The whole family has access to communication with the Brotherhood.   After building the large pyramid in 1975, Mary realized the importance of preparing oneself for the new consciousness that is approaching the earth. She has been advised and taught by a special teacher, John the Beloved. He is teaching her the methods of preparing oneself for advancement into the higher planes of consciousness. Mary also has memories of being trained in the mystery schools of Egypt, and other ancient initiations, in past lives. Mary has recently visited three important areas: France, England, and Turkey.

     In France, she realized that she had had a past life in the early 1300s, and had served and worked with the Knights Templer, and the Chathers. Here she had vast gardens and raised herbs for healing. She also had developed a strain of horses and raised them for the Knights. While in France, she realized that a large number of disincarnate people had attached themselves to her energy fields. These were people who had been brutally murdered during this time and refused to return to the light. At the urging of her guides, Mary went to the top of a hill with two other people and created a vortex, sending these disincarnate people into a reality where the Knights Templer could assist them into a realization of how they could advance in consciousness. The Knights practice was to assist the people on the road to Jerusalem. The word Jerusalem means "New Salem." Salem is where the White Brotherhood resides.   TO CONTINUE READING THIS FASCINATING STORY GO TOMARY HARDY STORY

Florence Horn, from New York City, has been teaching parapsychology courses for almost 40 years. Formerly a student of Joseph Campbell for over 10 years, and of symbology with Marc Hasselriis for some 7 years, Florence produced the award-winning science television program ‘Watch Mr. Wizard’ and is a well-known teacher of the Kabbalah and neuro-linguistic programming. She also offers workshops on pendulum dowsing, dream analysis and finding your psychic self.

"My mentor, the late Ted Kaufmann was always finding ways of  having fun when he dowsed. He explained to new dowsers back then, that  the "dowsing phenomenon" was in many ways very similar to your pet, in that  it always wants to please it's master. It gets bored with an all-work, no-play  approach to dowsing, and so it will start to play tricks on you to liven things  up.

His answer to balanced dowsing is to always look for the humor in  everyday life all around you, and dowse the zany off-shoots of your own  funny-bone, instead of only those areas you normally feel you need to  dowse. When calling to confirm a room reservation for my Chapter at our local  library a while ago, the perky youthful female that  answered cheerfully told me... "Oh, yes, Mr. Irwin, here it is. We do  confirm that the meeting room for your group, "The American Society Of  Dowagers,...." ...ever dowse the composition of a Dowagers Society?"   From New York State, Bruce was recently elected as one of 20 trustees to the ASD Board of Trustees and will begin his term this June.


I have been seeing colors and energy currents around people, animals, and plants all my life.  Touching a piece of  jewelry or a rock at a sacred site brings up images out of the past.  I really enjoy being able to share experiences with others.

When I was growing up, occasionally I would meet adults who gave me pointers about how to use extended sensory perception.  Teaching young people what how to use similar talents is always exciting.  In other cultures around the world, a shaman or spiritual leader would take sensitive children, and teach them the ancient ways.  In this society, very little
opportunity is available for those with abilities of related types.

 I am beginning to organize teachers in a location so such studies can be pursued. Young people with special potential will be able to learn to optimize their skills for the higher good of the population at large.  This school of intuitional studies will be open to all ethnic and religious expressions.  Faculty will consist of a resident staff and teachers visiting from around the globe, specializing in specific fields of expertise.



[I know this is a lot of info on Ivan, but his words are so beautiful, they have to be shared, n'est-ce pas?  We have to do something to help make up for the fact that after he spoke to us, US Immigration would not let him back in to the US....- CyberMistress.]
The Toronto Dowsers fell in love with Ivan McBeth, Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, Stone Circle Builder, Geomancer, Shaman, October 2004.  "Ivan's presentation was a love song, as we sat, spellbound, falling in love with him.  It was more than a presentation, it was a love paean."
"Druidry is a way of life, a deep love, a calling.
One does not choose to be a Druid.  One is called.
Druidry is a commitment.  Without the commitment, one can not do true work.
You have to surrender a few things.
You have to share your love.
Find out as much as you can.  It is a discovery, and an adventure.
As you prove your love by being available, the earth will respond and be available to you.
The journey is to find the center where everything happens, where you can connect to your center.
Find the center of your neighborhood.
Build relationships.
Say a prayer.
Address it as a lover.
When you do that, the Spirit of Place will open up more and more.
It will be a unique adventure, your own adventure.
Whomever enters Sacred Space will be changed.  Forever.
Every sacred space that is built has an intent.
It is a place for the god or goddes to be.
The intent gives it the flavor.

Over the years stone circles became my major passion in life. Here are a few important principles concerning these stone temples:

Stone circles are sacred space
They can be "tuned" like a radio for the task they are designed to fulfill.
They connect Heaven and Earth
They focus the sacred in the landscape
They are gateways into other worlds, other realities
[ see the rest of this at: TD NOVEMBER 2004 ]

In order to build stone circles, you have to work as one unit.  Otherwise, the stones laugh at you.   You work together, you get the rhythm going, The stone pulses, you can move it where you want.

When they were building one circle, they could not move the stones.   They were "trying to move it and it would not move.   It was realized that they did not offer respect to the stones, that they did not talk to the stones.

Once you face your fears
Once you face the impossible
What you thought was impossible
Becomes possible."


Reverend Elivia Melodey, from San Marcos, California, is the founder of the Crystal Vibrations Music Ensemble, a new genre of music for world healing, dedicated to playing the soothing, healing music of the spheres.  Crystal Vibrations Music was officially established in December of 2000 in conjunction with the recording and release of the first compact disk called, Celestial Memories.

Rev. Melodey's background includes:  Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist, Lightbody Graduate, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, and more.

Since 1998, Reverend Elivia has led workshops and ongoing classes in spiritual development and vibrational healing all over the west coast. She works with a wide variety of alternative therapies including: Lightbody energies, essential oils, crystals, herbs, light, sound, and more.   Visit her online shop for Music,  Books, Crystal Bowl Sets, Instruments, Devas Gifts,  Wands, etc.

GO TO: CHAKRAS & SOUND NOTES .  This is a valuable tutorial with sound --- you can hear notes of the singing crystal bowls which correspond with each of the major chakras, see the colors and read the explanations.


Bambi Miller a/k/a Cowgirl Lil... has flown with the fairies ... at the past three ASD annual conventions, now she invites your inner child to be your guide through artistic experiences accessing the stories from the  Ancients.  We will work/play/create with petroglyph images, pottery shards, rubber stamps, music and our endless imaginations.  Our dowsing keys will help unlock the messages we can bring forth to enlighten our lives.  As seen through the eyes of a child, our untapped potential is limitless.Cowgirl Lil  hopes you will join  us  on the journey....Yeehaw!!!!

  ---When wearing other hats, Bambi Miller is the Director of the Charlemont Town Library and an Independent Researcher, utilizing dowsing for retrieval of historic information revolving around the activities of the 19th century Aboltionist Movement. Through documentation accessed with the help of dowsing during the past sixteen years, July 2004 Charlemont was designated by the National Parks Service "Network to Freedom" as having two houses that were part of the Underground Railroad.  March 2004 Bambi was awarded a  "Gold Star" by the Massachusetts  Cultural Council of Arts and Humanities as recognition for the past thirteen "Frog Castle Creative Arts Experiences"she conducted, helping guide over four hundred children and adults on the F.C. Journey.  Bambi believes dowsing, research, creativity and art are one and the same energies, and is excited about the possibilities that evolve through creative endeavors.

ALANNA MOORE,  from Australia....
Click on the images to go to the web site
Alanna Moore is a professional dowser / geomancer (with over 20 years experience in the field) as well as a freelance journalist, lecturer, teacher and author. Basically self-taught, she gained much inspiration from joining the British Society of Dowsers in 1979 and was a founder of the NSW Dowsing Society in 1984. She is Australia’s most well known geomancer and lives on a few acres in central Victoria, near Melbourne, Australia.

Alanna has taught dowsing and geomancy for the last 20 years all over Australia and New Zealand and was a presenter at the International Dowsers Congress held in Manchester UK in August 2003.  She has also been writing articles for magazines to help promote dowsing to a wide audience. Having a strong environmental ethic (and spending years working on a voluntary basis for local environmental groups as well as Greenpeace and Permaculture International), she likes to apply dowsing to landscape design and sustainable agriculture and has built hundreds of ‘Towers of Power’ all over Australia and New Zealand, for enhanced plant growth. She now writes for Acres USA (a sustainable farming monthly), Permaculture UK & Feng Shui UK; and a host of alternative lifestyle and new age magazines in Australia and New Zealand.

Alanna runs a website  (www. which includes a free quarterly magazine – Geomantica, of which she is the editor. She has published all of her three books, under the name of ‘Python Press’. (Born in the year of the Rooster, her most popular book- about the natural care of poultry, is published in north America by Acres USA).

Alanna is also the author of ‘Stone Age Farming – Eco-Agriculture for the 21st Century’ (2001) – which outlines the application of dowsing and geomancy to farming and gardening, including radionic techniques and the use of paramagnetic rock and Towers of Power.  This book has now been translated into Chinese and is being published by Acres USA.

Her latest book is 'Divining Earth Spirit' 2nd edition. The only book on Australasian geomancy, it showcases the work of a number of geomancers, including Alanna's discovery of how she could dowse for the presence of nature spirits. (Acres USA will be selling them by mail order.)


Bill Northern, of Warsaw, Virginia, talks to animals.  Most of us do. But for Bill, they talk back. In English. In sentence form.

"Horses sound different from each other, and way different from dogs and cats. Horses are very forceful, and dogs are kind of goofy. Cats ... I don't like talking to cats, and they don't like talking to anyone."

Silently communicating with Phoenix, a sleek chestnut gelding with a white blaze, Bill began with a diagnosis of Phoenix s physical condition.  "He's low on minerals, on calcium and selenium. Too much magnesium in relation to the calcium," Bill said. "He has an allergy problem in his nostril. There's a little bit of congestion in the lung. It's not bad."   "There's a hernia there. It's not real big, but it's a small hernia there," Bill said.

"He has trouble coordinating his front leg. It doesn't want to go in sequence with his hind leg. ... He thinks he'd be more comfortable on that leg if the hoof is trimmed, Bill continued, explaining the hoof should be cut higher on the inside.

"I don't know anything," Bill said. "I ask my angels, my spirit guides. I listen. I don't use my brain. If you get my brain-involved, you have all kinds of trouble."

Northern insists that horses (and other animals) can understand what people say. "They know exactly what you are thinking, and if you're not saying what you're thinking, they know that," he said. "We're communicating telepathically with them. They know if you're thinking about selling them, and they know your problems and your joys."    Bill was recently elected as one of 20 trustees to the ASD Board of Trustees and will begin his term this June.



Back in antediluvian times when I was a college student I had the good fortune to be taught to dowse by a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer/ well driller/water dowser. To this day, I feel that the experience was more valuable than just about anything I learned in the classroom. I used dowsing often over the years and thought I knew all there was to know about the subject. Then, about 15 years ago I got a comeuppance when I attended my first ASD conference. There, I found many people who were much better dowsers than I was, who knew much more about it and had done much more with it than I had. And they were eager to share their knowledge with a newcomer like me! Every year I look forward to returning to the ASD conferences around the country and learning more from these experts.

Early on, I couldn’t help but notice the affiliations of the potentials of dowsing and the implications of quantum physics concepts that point to the interrelationships of mind and our experience of reality. To try to bring these far-out notions into some kind of focus, I began training with the Kahuna shamans of Hawaii. Long time involvement with these three studies - physics, dowsing and shaman thinking – have shaped my picture of the world and opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained closed. From this awareness, I design simple tools to assist a person to use their focused intent to help others. You can see some of these on my website.


David Alan Slater, Boulder, Colorado, founded "Healers Who Share", a group of natural healers who combine their knowledge and experience.   David has been involved in natural healing since 1970 and is versed in many methods of healing. He worked with legendary herbalist and dowser Hanna Kroeger for seven years prior to her passing.  HWS now has branches in the United States, Canada, Norway, Germany and recently, Australia.

HWS has focused their efforts around a group of remedies that have taken healing to the next step. Instead of using the traditional herbs, food, cleaning and exercise, they have found how to make “vibrational remedies” that heal to the DNA level. They can now say there is no such thing as an incurable disease. Why? Because they routinely heal conditions that are called incurable. They have every reason to believe that inherited diseases will stay healed for the rest of your life.

David has a gift of research and development in the budding world of vibrational or quantum healing. He has used the gift to create the largest alternative remedy source in the world. The remedies are completely safe, have no side effects and can heal what other remedies would only dream of (See Master User Guide and Borna Virus Combinations), on Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical levels.  The listing of remedies is online.  Imagine a remedy for someone who talks like a Valley Girl and wants to stop that!  Or a remedy for shyness!  or for new fathers who are overwhelmed by fatherhood!   Or just a remedy for "Overwhelm"!  A course with David will show you how to select the remedies, using dowsing.

Nobody really understands electricity either. But they can use it. You don’t have to believe the remedies will work. They just have to be taken to get the result. People often start with HWS as the court of last resort when everything else has failed. Once they achieve successful results, HWS becomes their court of 1st resort.

HWS believe all healing comes from God and that God helps those who help themselves. They are required by law to remind you that few of them are doctors and they DO NOT diagnose or prescribe medications. They are educators who help others to help themselves. Although they  like the results of successful faith healing, their education is based primarily on using natural preparations or physical movements.

Everything has a specific vibration. There is a specific vibration for the paper you are reading, for the ink on the paper and for the eyes that see this. In health, things that bother us are called pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. Each one of them also has a specific vibration. So let the first box above represent a picture of the signature wave of a bacteria.

If we use exactly the right vibration it will disintegrate the bacteria. The middle picture represents the application of a counter vibration. It is like a singer singing a very high note. That note could break apart a champagne glass without harming the tray that the glass sits on or the waiter carrying the tray. In the same way, the right vibration in the drops you take will gradually break apart the intended bacteria without harming the body that surrounds it. In the box on the far right we show the effect of adding a counter vibration that makes the two "flat-line" out or cancel each other.  (go to the website for more).


Jean Slatter, from California, is a wife, the mother of four busy children, and an intuitive natural health practitioner with credentials in nutrition, herbology, and naturopathy. She is also an inspirational speaker, teacher of several classes, and author of her first book (with the second on its way). If someone had told her ten years ago that she could manage all this and still have free time, she would have been incredulous. What’s her secret? She enthusiastically shares it with you in her new book, HIRING THE HEAVENS: A Practical Guide to Developing a Working Relationship with the Spirits of Creation.

In 1995 Robert Swantak experienced a powerful, spiritual/psychic awakening, allowing him to become aware of his own power and ability. His workshops teach methods to relax and quiet the mind, body, and spirit, so as to achieve an altered state of consciousness in which one realizes one’s own unlimited power and ability. The workshops also include dowsing, shamanic practices and adjusting the human aura.  Robert and jeweler Holly Young spend their time between Vermont and Florida.  [Go to ASD JEWELRY to see the gorgeous handcrafted pendants of precious jewels and charms such as dragons, dragonflies, goddesses, kokopellis, etc., Holly Young had for sale at ASD 2004 in the Vendors area, purchased by your CyberMistress.  The pricing on that page is not applicable to ASD attendees.]
Don Taylor has been interested in "things esoteric" for a number of years. He studied the writings of Manly P Hall, Walter Russell, Alice Bailey, and others. He realized that reading, while important, wasn't enough and that a methodology was required that would enable him and others to achieve cleared and balanced energy fields. He turned to dowsing as a way to gain information concerning these fields and then developed a partnership with Spirit to bring about changes that are for the highest good. He recorded these findings in the book Esoteric Tuning. Don is a member of ASD and a former trustee and treasurer of the society.


Atala Dorothy Toy is an interdimensional communicator and dowser. She works in partnership with all life to assess and harmonize land and personal situations. Atala is a Usui Reiki Master, a practicing yogi, a Melchizedek minister and the author of Explorations in Consciousness. In 2004 Atala helped found ISIC - the Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation.

Atala's interdimensional work began in 1994 when she was diagnosed as filled with 90% radiation and the doctor offered her two choices: quit her United Nations job, where she was working in a polluted situation, or die. She chose another course: to live, and to stay at work to learn how and why such a situation could occur. Nature responded, showing her how energy works and how it can be changed.

Once healed, she left her job and started Crystal Life Technology, a company that provides the public with subtle energy, environmental and sacred products, many of her own design. In the years since, she has expanded her knowledge and offers workshops, consultations and product to teach and assist others to successfully traverse their own challenges. Subtle internal dowsing is a major component of such work. The life forms with whom she works occasionally permit her to take photographs of themselves and she will be presenting these, and information on interdimensional dowsing, at the convention.

Joe Ann van Gelder  and  Michael Hornus
Joe Ann Van Gelder, from Vermont, is a multiple near-death experiencer, a devotee of Sai Baba and a retired attorney.  Exploring various areas of human potential since 1960s, Joe Ann is a life member of ASD, a former Trustee and national Treasurer and twice the Chairman of the Water For Humanity Fund Committee.  A life member of Edgar Cayce's ARE, she held an ARE Study Group in her home for seven years and taught at two Florida ARE Conventions.  Joe Ann is also a graduate of the Unity School of Religious Studies (Teacher's Division), an ordained Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, a Reike Master, has studied Radionics in England, and has implemented an art therapy workshop taken at Findhorn, Scotland, has worked with crystal balancing, done past-life regressions and given dream workshops.  Since 1990 Joe Ann ha taught evolving ways of using Archetypal Energies, beginning with those behind the Runes, having received this information from the Archangel URIELLE while on a sacred sites tour of Great Britain.  Although Joe Ann still lectures and writes, she has certified 18 Teachers in the U. S. and Canada, some of whom will be assisting her at this Convention.

Michael Hornus, a Near Death Experiencer, has been a student of the Martial Arts, Qigong and Meditation over twenty-five years.  He has studied with Fong Ha, Peter Payne, Kwan Sai-hung, Kummar Frantiz and others.  He also has worked with Earth Energies, Ecstatic Body Postures and Shamanic practices.  He has taught at the college and high school levels and has worked in publishing.  Michael has constructed and designed many labyrinths and is currently caretaker of three labyrinths.  He has a micro-business creating wooden finger labyrinths.  He is a certified Vermont Vibrations teacher.

Walt Woods
Walt has been learning, developing and experimenting with dowsing for 67 years.  He first learned and practiced dowsing when his father dowsed a well for the Grange Hall and the one-room schoolhouse in 1938.  After the military and finishing college, Walt worked in imaging and radiation therapy for many years before getting his Masters degree and becoming a college instructor. He directed the X-ray Technology Program and taught basic radiation physics and other classes for twenty years before retiring to devote the last thirteen years to teaching and researching dowsing.

In the mid-1980s, Walt, along with many of the dowsers in the Sierra Dowsers ASD chapter (Sacramento, CA), started writing and revising the booklet "Letter To Robin, A Mini-course in Pendulum Dowsing".  It was first published in 1990 and since has gone through many revisions.  Letter To Robin is now used in many dowsing classes in the US, Canada, Mexico, and abroad.  It is published on the Internet in 4 languages at  and available from the ASD bookstore.

Among the topics Walt talks about are: Noxious energies and the Hormesis Curve, Dowsing the Human Gene, Time Windows and Parallel Worlds, sycho-kinesis, Communication With All things, Why Dowsing Works and Sometimes Doesn't Work,  Personal Dowsing, and The Wonderful World of Dowsing.

David Yarrow
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